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The App Store does not have a shortage of weather apps. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of good weather apps in the App Store. It is also apparent that weather apps go through trends. First there were the expected apps from The Weather Channel and AccuWeather. These apps provide a one-stop shop and a lot of detail, but will include ads and usually will have usability problems. Next, powerful radar apps starting to make more of an appearance. Now it seems the minimal weather app is making the trend through the App Store with the release of Kelvin and others.

One app that bucked the trend of how apps are developed is Dark Sky, which started out as a KickStarter project. The developers presented their idea and met their funding goal to finish the app and bring their idea to completion. The developers also decided to only focus on one aspect for their weather app: precipitation. Sound interesting? Read on to find out if DarkSky can help keep you dry. (more…)

Mobile apps and the cloud have tarnished remote desktop wizardry. In days gone by, being able to see your desktop on another computer halfway across the country was amazing. You could edit documents, look at your photo library or delete files all while your main computer stayed at home. With the iPad though, most users settle the “lite” version of computing via iOS.

If you want to use your daily computer to get any real work done, you still often need to pull out the laptop or chain yourself to a desk to use a remote access application. Not so with Splashtop 2 for the iPad. It promises to bring all the joy of your PC’s finely-tuned operating system to your iPad and do so seamlessly.

Let’s find out if it follows through on those promises. (more…)

Have you ever needed to access your home PC or Mac when out and about? What about your large video and/or music collection? Wouldn’t it be great to stream that directly to your iPad in your hotel while on holiday?

For out-and-about access to your home desktop, and all its multimedia files music and games, AVStreamer HD could just be what you need. Lets look in detail at some of the many possibilities this app provides after the jump. (more…)

While the iPad has helped convert some users into a paperless environment, the need to print something out still exist. Apple recognized this fact by adding AirPrint to iOS. The problem with AirPrint is that it is mostly compatible with new printers. If your printer is over two years old, then most likely it is not compatible. For most people, the lack of printing needs does not justify a new printer purchase.

Printer Agent Pro helps take the pain of printing from an iPad. If your printer can connect to a wireless network then there is a good chance you can print from your iOS device. Read on to find out why Print Agent Pro can relieve your iPad printing woes. (more…)

Not everyone uses the camera on their iPad. I suppose that’s because it does look a bit strange wandering around pointing an iPad at the next great photo opportunity. However, using an iPad to scan a document seems like something we could all find useful.

That is certainly what Readdle, makers of Scanner Pro, want you to think anyway. Scanner Pro is a universal app that allows you to scan various types of document using your iPad’s camera. I have used this app on my iPhone and find it excellent. I have an iPad 2 so I decided to see what limitations there are when scanning with version 4.0.2 of the app. Readdle do say for optimum results you are better off using the iPhone version, or a new iPad. Let’s see if they are right…


Online news outlets can be happy about one thing. With the advent of tablets and smartphones, consumption of their content is set to explode soon, if it hasn’t happened already. News reader apps make the experience of reading and discovering content a breeze. Currents from Google is a new entrant in the already crowded news reader space.

I can’t see a major source of revenue anytime soon for a company the size of Google from this vertical, but here they are competing head to head with tiny startups. Is it awesome enough to dethrone Flipboard, Pulse and the like? Time to find out!


Since the release of the iPad the biggest complaint has been that it is just a device to consume content. The complaint that real work cannot be done on the iPad is still present today, but it’s disappearing fast due to software updates and developers getting more creative with their apps. While the mindset that an iPad can be used to create content is changing, there is no argument that the device is great to consume content.

Content can be consumed in different ways. Some people rely on Twitter to keep them updated while others may be put all of their websites they follow into an app such as Flipboard. Although, RSS is still a great way to keep up to date with news and your favorite websites. Google Reader is a free service which syncs your RSS subscriptions and there are several apps that sync with Google Reader.

Mr. Reader is one of the apps that syncs with Google Reader and has become my RSS app of choice on my iPad. The app is a full featured RSS app with abilities to add subscriptions, manage subscriptions, and share content across several services. The app also brings in unique features such as creating themes and different ways to mark items as read to make it stand out from the crowd.


Instacast HD is a podcast app that is changing the face of podcast management. The app can find new podcasts to subscribe to, download or stream podcasts you are already subscribed to, allow you to listen to or view your podcasts, and access links in the show notes. It takes a feature that has not seen much love from Apple and makes it enjoyable again!

Some people may not realize that by ditching the iTunes methodology of podcast management there is so much more to gain in the podcast universe. The workflow to update podcasts either involves manually downloading the episode through the iTunes app on your iPad or syncing through iTunes on your Mac, which seems archaic….


You know that you’re the sort of person that reads (and writes for) the AppStorm when you find yourself getting excited about a calendar, of all things. This is the type of thing that people buy every year because they have to, a product that bookstores line their checkout aisles with.

Agenda changes that. Instead of trying to be a traditional calendar (which, to be honest, is boring) Agenda takes advantage of touch and the iPad’s big screen in a – dare I say it? – exciting way.


It’s completely wrong to think of your iPad as just a device to browse a few internet sites and kill some evil green pigs using angry red birds. There is a whole array of fantastic utilities out there in the App Store that can turn your iPad into a powerful (though slightly cumbersome) Swiss Army knife.

Here are the top 10 utilities that I couldn’t do without!


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