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There have been endless posts about iPad accessories like cases or Bluetooth keyboards on all sorts of websites, but most people already have a case or a keyboard. With Christmas just around the corner, finding a unique gift for an iPad owner — or even an interesting new toy for yourself — can often prove more difficult than it should. In an effort to help you find an accessory that fills in a need you didn’t know you had, we’ve decided to compile a roundup of our favourite iPad and iPad mini accessories that go beyond Bluetooth keyboards and Smart Covers. (more…)

Just a few days ago, we ran a post where Joel covered the unprecedented explosion of the iPad case market. More than any other device in history, the iPad has an entire industry dedicated to cases, bags, stands, and many other variants.

Also, the iPad’s unique intended use (somewhere between a computer and a phone) and its support for additional utility (such as bluetooth keyboards) makes the device particularly susceptible to the development of cases/stands that do more than just protect the glass and aluminum.

Especially since the iPad 2, I’ve noticed that many case-makers are designing cases and covers that have the potential to drastically impact the way you use the device. From Smart Covers to waterproof sleeves, these cases let you take the iPad places you couldn’t before, and do things that were previously reserved for laptop computers. “Surely there can’t be that many of these cases!” I hear you clamor. Well buckle up, because here comes an assortment of useful, unique, and just plain outlandish iPad and iPad 2 cases that can change the way you use your device.