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How would you rather spend your weekend — saving New York City with the Ghostbusters; outrunning a banana avalanche with Banana Kong; tending a flock of Tiny Sheep; discovering whether you or a certain celebrity has a  higher Braindex; or going on a Wave Trip in a world in which every object had musical properties?

Well who says you have to decide on just one, right? Click through to learn more and see what you want to try first! (more…)

Hope you stretched. You’ve got your work cut out for you this week, since you’re bound to be busy helping a little flying squirrel defeat some evil owl enemies; aiding a HoverBot return to another dimension; exploring (or re-exploring) all there is to know about Riven; commanding your own military faction; and giving a character named Marsh Mal a hand in popping some blobs.

While this week’s games could not be more different, they all have one thing in common: a high fun factor in my book. Click “more” to check them out for yourself and let me know what you think. (more…)

Have you ever pictured your life as a professional stuntman? Have you day-dreamed about which superpower you would choose? Or maybe you’ve imagined what the world would be like if it was overrun by zombies (and a celebrity basketball player had the power to lead the fight against the army of the undead)? No?

Well regardless, here’s your chance to get some answers. This week’s roundup includes games that let you play as Joe Danger, a stuntman who’s pretty good on a motorbike; as a retro time surfer who can practically rewind time at will; and as Shaquille O’Neal (yeah, that Shaquille O’Neal), zombie killer. Oh, and there are also a couple of games featuring cute squirrels and some amazing ants. Check them all out after the jump. (more…)

Of all the games in today’s roundup, the one I’m most excited about is Hundreds, and I think after you take the time to try it you’ll see why. Simultaneously exciting and soothing, it’s a wholly original game that I might just never get tired of playing, or even looking at it.

Let me know what you think of Hundreds and the other four games. Click “more” to check them all out. (more…)

Well we’re barely into the new year and already alien robots are taking over Korea; a rag-tag team of soldiers called the RAD Squad is stirring up some mischief; three suitors are battling it out karate-style over the lovely Mariko; and a narwhal named Sharpy is (badly) drawing movie scenes.

Find out what else is happening in this first games round-up of 2013 by clicking “more.” (more…)

Although developers continue to stun us with intricately made graphics for their iOS games (and boy, do they look great on the iPad’s Retina Display), it seems as if everyone, both old and young, still have an emotional attachment to ’80s arcadia. Luckily for us, the nostalgic 8-bit art style from this age also translates well to our iPads, and even graces some of our favorite games here at iPad.AppStorm.

In today’s roundup, we’ll be looking at eight different iOS games that bear the beautiful 8-bit graphics we so love, but also provide hours of exciting playtime. Find out which apps made the cut after the break! (more…)

Welcome to the first iPad games roundup after the world didn’t end on Dec. 21, and the last iPad games roundup of 2012. This week’s apps will have you becoming: a big know-it-all while playing a wickedly fun trivia game; a crime-fighting middle manager who’s ready for life beyond his cube; a respawnable cartoon soldier; monsters Mike and Sulley who are on the run to save Boo; and a team of experts exploring a lost world.

Click “more” to take a look. And have a Happy New Year! (more…)

Whatever holiday you celebrate in December, or even if you don’t celebrate at all, there’s no denying the festive atmosphere this time of year. And this week’s roundup celebrates games whose developers have released cheery updates in line with the season.

So, if you’re one to get into the holiday spirit, extend those good tidings to your recreational iPad endeavors and play these games right into the new year! Click “more” to see which games have got some holiday spirit. (more…)

This week’s roundup balances the seriously brutal with the seriously sweet. In one corner of the ring we have an elite team of super soldiers tasked with taking down a faction of terrorists; John Gore and his zombie-killing skill set; and a guild of wardens that includes knights, druids, mages and assassins.

And in the other corner … we have Santa’s toyshop, plus some Smurfs. Whose side will you be on? Click “more” to choose your team. (more…)

This week highlights some very different, but all very beautiful new games, in which you get to design rollercoasters (and go a little crazy doing so, I might add); play a game that’s a little something like Tetris in reverse; defy gravity in a very unusual black-and-white world; use your spelling prowess to rumble with literary-minded foes; and blow up asteroids and comets to save some super-cute spacemen.

Click through to learn more about them. (more…)

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