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We talk about games a lot here on iPad.Appstorm, and why not? They’re the first thing most people download when they get an iPad. So, if you’re going to waste hours playing games on your iPad why not challenge your brain instead of numbing it?

That’s why I’ve put together a list of eighteen games that will work out that often overlooked muscle, your brain. So, get ready to think hard about which of these you’d most enjoy! Here they are in no particular order.


If there is one thing that the iPad is great at doing, it’s gaming. As the iPad’s specs have been upgraded, more and more “heavy-duty” games have filled the App Store. Unfortunately, these new games can overshadow the great, simply fun games.

Today’s roundup will showcase fifteen arcade-style games for iPad. There’s no long plot line or fancy graphical fireworks in any of these games, but they do provide you with hours of classic entertainment. See which games made the cut after the break.


Games are often the very first thing that people download when they fire up their iPad for the first time. Though that may surprise you, it makes complete and total sense to me; however great this new device is for browsing the web and reading, to begin with you just want to play with it!

It’s clear that Apple understands the allure and power of games; they even took to demoing them on stage at the announcement of the new iPad. I’ll admit that I couldn’t wait to try out the dogfighting game they showed, and thoroughly enjoyed my first flight, in spite of the chaos that surrounded me; the peace of the luscious landscapes broken by the roar of thrusters as I pirouetted gracefully into the side of a mountain.

This is a roundup of some of best gaming content on iPad.AppStorm, from casual arcade games that pass the time to games that really make you think, from huge franchise blockbusters to beautiful independant titles, get ready to play with your iPad again!


Gaming on the iPad has come leaps and bounds in the last year, the iPad 2 has had a huge impact on the quality of games made for the platform. The imminent (seriously, announcement in a couple of hours) next iPad will definitely feature a faster processor, and almost certainly an upgrade in RAM. Combine these improvements with the touted retina display and you have a delicious recipe for another leap forwards in iPad gaming.

I’m excited about what the next year will hold for the iPad in terms of gaming, and fascinated to see how well the Playstation Vita fares – a device that’s moving ever closer to being an iPad with classic gaming buttons!

To celebrate gaming on the iPad, I’ve compiled a short roundup of games that I’m betting you won’t be able to resist!


I’ve always been a board game fan, so it makes sense that a large number of applications on my iPad are board games. I didn’t get to take many board games with me when I moved to California, so my iPad has really been serving as a replacement for a lot of those games. I enjoy playing the games on my own or with a friend or two. It’s a great device for these games and there are a lot of quality apps out there for playing board games.

I’ve put together a list of my 11 favorite board games. Some are just single games that stand on their own, others are collections of simpler but classic games. Stick with me after the jump to find out what my favorites are.


Is there a task in this world iPad isn’t perfect for? From reading to research to gaming, the tablet ensures that the users are hooked to it the entire time. iPad games, like apps from every other category, have created a benchmark that has made it almost impossible for other tablets to catch up. Coming up with a list of iPad games that are downright awesome is no easy task…

They are all great. Heck, even if somebody created a list of 500 great games, there would still be a ton of phenomenal games left out. That said, we have compiled a list of cool games spanning a variety of categories to have some fun. Check it out!


It’s easy to get lost in the iPad gaming market. More than any other type of app, there are tons and tons of games, and even more of them coming out every day. We all know and have played the usual games that everybody buys: Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and Cut The Rope. But what about the more immersive, time-consuming games? All of the games I mentioned are great, but what about the other great games that are out there?

This roundup is of games that are a little deeper than those – 15 awesome games for your iPad!


Recent times have seen an explosion in the number of iOS games released which fall into the ’freemium’ category. This type of game is free to play, but will often tempt you to purchase extra, ‘luxury’ currency from within the app. You can spend this luxury currency to obtain better or rare items, advance through levels with quicker progress or just make the game a whole lot easier.

Typical freemium gameplay consists of performing ‘farming’ actions, these are actions where the player must return to the game a set time later to receive their reward. Generally, this reward will consist of experience points to increase the players level and/or some form of currency. Examples of such actions include; collecting rent, tending to animals, or even the literal farming of crops such as in the widely popular ‘FarmVille’. Completing these actions will allow the player to level up, unlocking new content and keeping the player interested in the game.

Read on to discover 15 of the best freemium games for the iPad…


There are two types of “RPGs”: rocket-propelled grenades, and role-playing games. As I’m not in a great position to write about the explosive weapon, I’ll focus on the latter. The RPG genre has a lot to offer in the realm of iOS, and is in a great position to exploit the visual capabilities of the iPad. Read on for a roundup that features 15 stunning iOS-exclusive RPGs!


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