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A few years ago, not a lot of us would have foreseen a social revolution. Social networks have brought everyone closer, albeit virtually. People have got this craving to share every step of their life with others and they do so in way too many places. From message boards and chatrooms to Twitter and Facebook, connecting and sharing happens round the clock.

There is no single app to bottle the social monster. You will need a bunch of them and to our delight, there are so many of them in the app store. But which ones are the best? That’s an intense debate for another time. But for the time being, we have compiled a list of cool apps that would serve all your social sharing needs. Do read on!


Have you just bought an iPad and found yourself wondering which applications to get first? Or are you on the hunt for some brilliant new applications? Well, if you are, then here are my top 10 iPad applications of all time which are well worth checking out.

Let’s dive in…


Autumn is beginning to set in and for anyone who’s still pursuing education in any form, now is the time that it begins to drag. In an effort to help all those at high school, and show the rest of us just how intriguing the iPad can be, I have compiled a list of excellent educational apps that will go a long way to enlivening your learning!

If you know anyone who is struggling to get engaged with their school work, or just needs a little boost, make sure they have an iPad (maybe buy them one) and then send them here…

Let’s dive into the depths of human knowledge and understanding!


Whether you’re new to owning an iPad, or a seasoned pro, it’s always enjoyable to find great new apps! While no list can claim to be comprehensive or exhaustive, this list of fantastic iPad apps should satiate even the most ravenous of appetites.

This is a roundup of simply the best iPad apps around, you need look no further. I’m going to include the old favourites, there’s a reason they’re favourites, but I’m also going to try and shine some light on some fantastic apps that may have flown under the radar.

Let’s dive right in!


As we all know, the iPad is useful for a wide range of things. Since I’ve had mine, it has replaced my MacBook for a number of purposes! The huge variety of applications available for it and the fact it is so portable has made it popular with many different people, from teachers to businessmen and even musicians (the British virtual group Gorillaz created their album The Fall almost exclusively on the iPad).

News applications are a popular choice for iPad owners as they offer a simple way of keeping up to date with the world without having to trawl through loads of different news websites. But with the sheer range of news applications floating around on the App Store, how do you know which ones to download? Well, I’ve rounded up 10 of the best ones, which will help you keep track of all the going-ons in the world.

Let’s have a look at them in more detail.


There’s no doubt that e-books are taking off like a rocket at the moment. Indeed, there are already dozens of articles proclaiming that the hardcopy book is dead, that bookstores will cease to exist within five years, and that authors should ditch their publishers and agents and go it alone in the brave new world of digital publishing.

I think we should take all such claims with a generous pinch of salt, but it remains true that reading books in electronic form is growing more and more popular, and that the range of e-books available is growing rapidly every day.

If you own a dedicated e-book reader like a Kindle, then your reading experience is going to be just as good, or bad, as your device. But if you own a multi-purpose tablet like an iPad, there are now many different e-reader apps available for you to consume your reading matter. Here I’m going to have a look at the top six e-book reader apps to see how they compare in usability and features (plus one web app as a bonus). To make the comparison as fair as possible, I compared the apps by looking at a public-domain work available in all stores.


Summer is here and travel season is already in full gear. If you are taking your iPad, there are a few apps you should not do without when traveling. Traveling can be complex, especially for novices. When the time comes, it’s best to be prepared and arm yourself with time savers, life savers, and fun savers.

Keeping up with flight information, booking accommodations, exchange rates, and other hassles can all be alleviated by your iPad. So be sure to pack it when you go traveling. Use the apps in this roundup as your secret arsenal to pull out whenever you need information.


While I have no qualms in paying for apps, it’s vital to support the developers who work hard to make great software, it’s always good to get something brilliant for nothing. In that very spirit I have complied a list of some of the best free apps available for the iPad. If a family member or friend gets a new iPad, all you need do is direct them here…

Without further adieu.


Over the last couple of weeks we’ve had a look at whether the iPad can transform the education system, my article on the subject focussing on the iPad as a hardware device rather than the specifics of the software available.

What is clear, however, is that it’s the bespoke applications that will make the iPad a truly revolutionary device in the field of education. The amazing thing is that there are already a great number of powerful, fascinating, and amusing educational apps available right now – we’re going to have a look at a variety of the best!


As a friday treat I thought I’d tease out some of the best apps from Apple’s iPad ‘Hall of Fame’. There’s no doubt that most of these apps are household names (so long as your household has an iPad), but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a little more recognition for helping to make the iPad the superb device it is!

We often go to great lengths here at AppStorm to bring you reviews on the best new apps on the scene, but this roundup is not about that. It’s about celebrating those apps that have truly impinged upon the App Store’s consciousness.


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