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It’s Game Week here at iPad.AppStorm, and all this week we’re going to have tons of reviews, giveaways and other good stuff, all centered around the gaming world!

Though some would prefer to celebrate Game Week by flying solo with single player experiences like The Walking Dead or Horn (which are equally as awesome, mind you), the rest of us just want to jump into an online showdown of wits and skills with other players around the world.

Here we have some of the best multiplayer experiences the iPad has to offer. Some are new, some are old, but all of them are guaranteed to provide competitive fun for hours on end. Okay, perhaps not everyone has hours to spare for gaming, but fortunately you’ll have no problem hopping in and out of any of these titles for short-but-sweet game sessions. More after the jump. (more…)

Today’s roundup of games proffers quite a bit of variety, which means this is how you’ll be spending your weekend: taking down some zombies (clearing the zombie problem doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon); leading an army of fieldrunners in defense of your nation; kicking field goals like an NFL pro; and putting on the most unusual golf course you’ll ever see.

Oh yeah, you’ll also be helping a bunch of critters called Linkies rid their world of toxic waste. (No, it’s not as dry as it sounds, and yes, it’s totally addictive.) Hit the jump to take a look. (more…)

There’s no doubt that mobile gaming on the iPad is big business. Recently, market research group NPD released a report that found that the number of mobile games have increased up to 22% over the past year. There are many reasons for the rise of mobile gaming, but those reasons vary between various user groups.

I tend to be attracted to specific types of iPad games, and while I can appreciate console-like games (e.g. Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed) being developed for the iPad, I simply prefer sticking to games that don’t make me miss a physical controller. Instead, I play ones that are developed for touch devices, especially games that use one of the most simple control concepts of all — flicking. After the jump you’ll find of a list of ten great games that merely require you to do a bit of flicking. (more…)

I’m a huge sports fan. I love playing, watching and involving myself in variety of sports all the time  — obviously it would make sense then to have a few sports games on my iPad. A dilemma I face sometimes though, is that the market for sport games on iOS is saturated with tons of apps you could really do without. With the Olympics still a recent memory as well, there’s never been a better time to love sports.

In this list, I have been concise in selecting, in my opinion, the best of the best sport games out there for the iPad. These are the ten that offer the most full and exiting experience for the sport in question. Let’s begin. (more…)

Get ready to mount your steed and charge off toward the cliffs shouting “Freeeeeeeeeeeedoooooom!” because today’s Game Thursday roundup is all about the battles, people. We’re talking warriors, knights, fighter pilots and Avengers challenging everything from dark sorceresses to demons from hell to just general, pure evil.

So grab your battle axe and buckle up (Those two things don’t really go together, do they? They shouldn’t.), and then hit “more” because tonight, we ride! (more…)

Gear up, gamers! This weekend you’ll be splicing and dicing life forms (in a purely scientific way, of course), aid some charming robots in saving their friends the Boxies, delve into a game of life or death colored by Japanese animation, battle gladiator-style in a legendary arena, and enter the mysterious world of Bastion.

Hit the jump to see what’s in store. (more…)

It’s game time! And by that, I mean it’s iPad Game Thursday again. Our latest batch of games launches you into The Simpsons’ hometown of Springfield; an alternate universe where sheep are running rampant; a BMX racer’s dream; a dangerous underworld where you can become a Random Hero; and a magical tavern where a dragon’s cooking will help you complete quests in the battle between good and evil.

Hit the jump and it’s game on! (more…)

If you were to live vicariously through this week’s gathering of games, you’d be a British spy, a member of a warrior clan, a happy fox named Billy, a master swordsman and a monster keeper. Just try to remember it’s all make believe, OK?

Hit the jump to check them out, and remember to let me know in the comments if you’re already playing any of these and what you think! (more…)

I graduated from college just over a year ago, and I’m finally living in a place where I plan to stay for more than just a nine-month lease. Better yet, I’m allowed to paint and replace things within the apartment. Needless to say, I’m excited to be trying new decorations and renovations after several years of boring, apartment-white walls. I constantly have a project I’m working on, whether it’s finding new furniture or painting a room.

Luckily, I’ve found a number of quality applications to help out along the way as I work to improve my home. I have a few folders on my iPad dedicated to apps related to home improvement in some way. I’ve got apps to help find inspiration, choose paint colors, furnish my apartment and even DIY dedicated applications. There are a huge variety of home improvement apps out there — stick with me after the jump to read up on some of my favorite apps.


This week’s edition is packed with the undead — zombies, that is. Plus some balance-challenged buckets, dungeon-crawling Orcs from Argon and turtles who are ready to go to war at a moment’s notice. Take a look after the jump. (more…)

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