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I love free apps. When you find a real gem of an app and it’s free, it can feel like all your Christmases have come at once (OK, maybe not). In this roundup I’ll be choosing my 25 favourite free apps for the iPad. So sit back, relax and let iPad.AppStorm sort the wheat from the chaff for you.


This week you can command a special operations force, or shoot down enemies as a Cold War fighter pilot. Looking for something a little lighter? Try flying an aircraft through the futuristic and treacherous 3-D world of Sine Mora instead, dodging neon bullets and battling diesel-punk bosses.

If it’s entertainment you want, check out the amusing — and explosive! — Kamikaze Pigs, or the humorous and cartoonish Zombies Ate My Friends. Click through to take your pick.


Ranging from the super-serious to the super-ridiculous, this week’s installment of games has you going from battle zones in World War II to a battle zone of a whole different kind — Hollywood.

Somewhere in between, you’ll also have to get into the groove while tearing around a race track, help Mickey Mouse collect as much water as possible, and run a call center. Oh believe it. Click “more” to check it all out. (more…)

This group of games has variety in spades. You’ll find a retro-inspired adventure game, a puzzler that’s reminiscent of a painter’s palette, a dark and otherworldly maze, and a MOBA (for the uninitiated, that stands for multiplayer online battle arena).

Oh, and there’s also an official tie-in with Monsters University — see if you can become the ultimate scarer by catching Archie the Scare Pig. Click “more” to catch that squealer! (more…)

It’s that time of year. When we say goodbye to four years of hard work and newfound friends and forge ahead to “make something of ourselves.” But how can you be expected to make it in the “real world” without a solid collection of apps for this new season of life?

That’s why I’ve put together a list of the top 10 iPad apps recent graduates need. This list covers everything from finding a job to getting a new apartment to dropping the freshman 15 (that hung on long past freshman year). So let’s get started!


I love to socialize as much as the next person, but sometimes it can be nice to kick back and relax in the comfort of your own home with a couple of friends or your significant other, rather than drag yourself to a packed out bar across town.

With this in mind, I have compiled a list of ten iPad essentials that are guaranteed to get your evening off to a great start. Click “more” to read on.


We’ve got some sequels, reboots and reincarnations this week for you. Diner Dash Rush has added not only a lunch rush but also a happy hour; the mad scientists in League of Evil are back for a third time; there are some new enemies to dogfight in MetalStorm: Aces; and Barry, the Jetpack Joyrider, now has a wave rider.

Find all that and more inside this week’s roundup. Click “more” to get started. (more…)

As a user of Twitter, the ability to check my profile on the move is something that’s essential. The range of Twitter clients out there for the iPad is huge, but the temptation to stick with the official Twitter app is something that many Twitter users may find hard to overcome. In this article, I’ll be looking at a small number of the many Twitter clients out there for the iPad, namely Tweetbot for iPad, Twitterrific and Twitter. Read on to find out how these three apps compare in terms of their user interface and the features they deliver.


Who’s ready for vikings to take over as the next big thing and replace zombies? I know I am. If you feel the same, you’ll be thrilled to know that vikings have landed in this week’s installment of iPad games. So get your helmet and your longboat oar, and then get ready: It’s going to be a very icy, but fun, journey.

There’s also a slew of battles about to take place that have nothing to do with vikings. You’ll be a modern soldier, a Knight of Pen & Paper, and a member of a futuristic elite task force called XCOM. Could there be any more going on in this week’s edition of games? Oh yeah — trains! Click “more” to get rolling.


Care Bears, slap bracelets, Beanie Babies, yo-yos, Pogs, Rubik’s Cubes, Trolls, Cabbage Patch Kids…most of these crazes came and went in the blink of an eye. Some, however, definitely outstayed their welcome, and others still have come back to haunt us even today on our iOS devices.

Here are ten of these nostalgia-inducing crazes in app form. Simply hit the jump for a walk down memory lane.


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