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Today’s roundup has a flavor of game for every player. Whether you’re a fan of side-scrollers packed with action and adventure, fast-paced endless runners, or pixel-perfect games that pack plenty of retro personality, we’ve got a game for you this week.

Or maybe you’re a sports fanatic who wants to see what it’s like to manage one of your favorite pro teams? Or maybe, just maybe, all you want is a darn good puzzle to put your logic and reasoning skills to the test. Click “more” to discover all of the above. (more…)

This week’s games have us championing our castle; shooting up enemy spaceships; leading nimble little heroes to glory; competing in jousting tournaments; and reuniting a boy with his best friend, a precious dog named Bear.

Click “more” to take a look. And, as the knights might say: Let the games begin! (more…)

I’m particularly excited about this week’s collection of new releases. It seems there are so many excellent games that have just hit the market or released big updates, so it was incredibly difficult to choose just five, but I hope you’ll agree we have some good ones here.

Meet a mischievous vampire named — what else — Le Vamp; a tiny helicopter with big personality; a hive of baby aliens; a crystal sphere traveling against the backdrop of a NightSky; and a Pangolin.

What’s a Pangolin, you ask? Click “more” to find out!


Are you worried about the impending zombie apocalypse? Do you suffer from kinemortophobia? Then you have come to the right place! We have compiled a list of eight apps and two accessories that are sure to be of great help when that fateful day finally arrives.

What are you waiting for? Hit the jump to read on!


Apple’s mobile empire is wide-ranging, both in terms of products, and in terms of units sold. It’s worth remembering, though, that devices such as the iPad and the iPhone wouldn’t exist without Apple’s long-standing commitment to music. The iPad, however, has been somewhat neglected when it comes to audio.

Presumably, this state of affairs is something that developer, Clever and Son, wants to address with the release of their hot-off-the-press app, Couch Music Player. Described as “the music playback app your iPad has been crying out for,” Couch Player aims to improve on the somewhat clunky usability of the inbuilt iOS Music app. But is Couch Player anything more than a shiny new wrapper?


Upon the iCloud API being introduced, it was no secret that developers were somewhat slow to take advantage of what it offered. The feature allowed game developers to do things like store users’ game saves in the cloud, but many developers already had systems in place that did exactly this. What benefits would they get from moving to Apple’s service? This of course wasn’t the only functionality that came with iCloud, but, regardless, developers weren’t exactly enthusiastic. There wasn’t much reason for them to do extra work and adopt a new system that came with little up front benefit. Especially when, in the case of game developers, they already had things like OpenFeint that managed many of the same things.

Slowly but surely, however, developers of all different kinds of apps started to adopt iCloud as an easy way to back up and sync various kinds of data across devices. Games use the service to back up your save states for future recovery, to-do list apps use it to keep your lists in harmony across all your devices, and word processing apps — including Apple’s own Pages — use the service to save all your work to the cloud, accessible from anywhere you may need it. I’ve compiled a list of ten apps that do these and more on your iPad, so hit the break to read about them–you might even find an app you’ve never heard of before!

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It’s time to suit up, people! There’s work to be done — rivals to crush, moles to help escape, zombie-fearing citizens to infect, cute and cuddly space monsters to transport from galaxy to galaxy, and a melodic Tuniverse to explore.

Good thing you have the whole weekend to take it all on, right? Click “more” to kick things off. (more…)

Question: What do building-block fortresses, the great and powerful Oz, Greek gods, mini ninjas and rolling boulders have in common? The answer: Nothing! Except that they’re all in this week’s roundup of iPad games.

Until someone creates a game that involves all five of those things, you can take them on one at a time with the following. Click “more” to get started.


Here we blend what’s real with what’s perhaps not so real. While the goal of Real Racing 3 is to make you feel like an actual race car driver who’s speeding around the Hockenheimring, Deepworld creates a completely made-up — but utterly fantastic — universe filled with scattered pieces of technology that you must put back together.

Also, Zen Pinball brings the wildest tables of your dreams straight to your device, and The Silent Age asks what would happen if the terrible events imagined occurred following the Cold War era. Finally, Plague Inc. makes it your goal to create a global pandemic by developing and turning loose a deadly and highly adaptive pathogen.

Admittedly, a few of these seem more likely to come true than others, wouldn’t you say? Click through to start playing. (more…)

This week brings yet more variety, with the highly charming and very commercial-looking Cyto; the completely unique Krashlanders; and a heavy dose of military action thrown in for good measure, via Battle Nations, Bro Guns 2 and Mad Merx: Nemesis.

In other words, it’s time to fling, shoot, jump, ski, dodge, blast and “krash” your way into the weekend. Click “more” to begin!


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