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If the standard calendar app that comes with every iDevice would suffice, the productivity section of the App Store would not feature as many alternatives as it does.

Depending on your personal preferences and requirements, all sorts of apps vie for your attention. Most of them advertise tons of features, but what if all you want is simplicity and a visual representation of your week? Let Wikly come to your rescue. We take a closer look at the calendar app after the break.


When you’re trying to find a job in this market you need to do anything possible to get a leg up on the competition and stand out. With the current economic state the job market has gotten highly competitive and more people are finding themselves “back in the hunt.”

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of 15 apps for utilizing the iPad to make a good first impression, land interviews, and find that next job! Read on!


It’s here, this is the big one. The definitive roundup of those most crucial of apps; task management apps. Most of us, me included, wouldn’t get anything done without them – they help us manage our daily lives, and provide the key to massively increased productivity.

Who doesn’t want to be more productive?

If you haven’t settled on “the one” yet, or have even the smallest sliver of doubt about your current system, then have no fear – this is what you’ve been waiting for! I’ll take a brief look at the different styles of task management available, and what types of people they suit. Each app will then get its moment in the limelight, and we’ll look at what separates each from the competition.

Screenshots and icons will abound, take a deep breath, here goes!


Student life can be daunting; assessments, deadlines, classes, exams and maybe even a social life. It doesn’t have to be this difficult though. The iPad is naturally a great productivity tool and, loaded with the right apps, it can be your best weapon for surviving education.

Most of these apps cost less than a pint of your favourite beer and will increase your productivity leaps and bounds, saving you countless hours of otherwise wasted time. Start reading now and learn how to ensure you never miss a deadline again!


Throughout the ages humans have always had to keep track of things, from counting on an abacus, to remembering the milk with a post-it. The iPhone, and now the iPad, have provided us with a vast array of possible solutions for helping us to remember and stay organised.

Interestingly, one of the announcements regarding iOS 5 at the WWDC keynote was about the introduction of an integrated Reminders feature. I have to say that for general use it looks great, it even works with iCloud so that all of your devices are kept accurately updated!

As with several other native applications, Apple hasn’t come straight out and targeted the heavy power user. Instead, Apple has built what looks to be a solid and indispensable app suitable for everyone, but that leaves space for more powerful and feature-rich applications that cater for all possible needs.

Let’s take a look at some of the apps that are unlikely to feel too worried, some great solutions for keeping yourself organised!


There has been a great deal said about whether the iPad is a good, or useful, device for content creation. Instead of getting into that discussion here I’m simply going to let you make your own mind up, in the light of the collection of apps below.

I am far more interested in thinking about the ways that new technology can enhance and further encourage our innate creativity. To this end I’ve collected together an roundup of creative apps that either facilitate pure content creation or simply allow artistic expression through your iPad.



Writing on your iPad might not be the most productive solution for your ten-page essay, but you may come to a point where, through choice or necessity, you want to get some serious writing done.

Most might just opt for using Apple’s $10 Pages app as it seems like the perfect companion to an iPad but, whilst that’s a great solution, there are some awesome alternatives you might want to consider before diving into a purchase.


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