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Christmas is almost upon us and to celebrate, I have rounded up ten of the App Store’s most entertaining Christmas-themed apps for you to download and enjoy during the run-up to everyone’s favorite holiday.

Crack open the mulled wine, polish off a mince pie or several and hit the jump to get in the festive spirit!


Halloween is just around the corner and to celebrate, we here at iPad.AppStorm have rounded up ten of best Halloween-themed apps that are bound to get your evening off to a great start. Dust off your costume, stock up on candy, and hit the jump to make this Halloween the best yet!


With school coming up just around the corner, it is important to have all the tools you might possibly need for the next school year. Nowadays, many students use iPads as a tool in their studies, and for good reason: the iPad has a wealth of amazing apps for education.┬áThe following is a roundup of iPad apps that are geared toward, but not limited to, high school students. Find out which apps students can’t miss after the jump.


Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway for two or a cozy night in, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and so we here at iPad.AppStorm have compiled a list of ten apps that will help ensure that your day goes as smoothly as possible.

From music and movies to dating and dining, we’ve got Valentine’s Day covered. Hit the jump to find out more! (more…)

So, Christmas is nearly here, the trees are going up, and the presents have been bought – they have haven’t they?

I would imagine that more than a few people will be waking up to the delightful surprise of an iPad waiting under the tree! Unwrapping it is a joy in itself, the wrapping paper and ribbons being only the start – I’d bet on Apple having a whole team employed to design their packaging, making sure each and every device looks at its tantalising best on first opening…

But, what next? The standard apps are all good and well, but it disappoints me when people don’t delve a bit deeper. Here is a guide to the essential apps to download on Christmas morning, the good, the great, and the downright amazing!

This is one to bookmark for your loved ones, a place to send them once the grand unwrapping is complete!


There are so many cool ways to celebrate the Holidays on your iPad. From holiday classics to delicious recipes, it’s all availible thanks to great app developers. Whether you are big on holidays, have children, are a child at heart, or just want to get extra holiday spirited, let these apps get you in the mood.

The Holidays are here! Let’s get your iPad ready to celebrate with these great apps! What are you waiting for, dive in…