Introducing Our New Series: The iPad and Professionals

I’ve been using iPads for quite some time now, or at least, it feels like I have. When I got an iPad, people still thought you couldn’t get any work done on them, and I remember being consistently flustered about that. I mean, I was able to get work done–why couldn’t anybody else?

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So I’ve used tons of productivity apps in my time to try and figure out how to help people get work done. I’m not the world’s foremost expert in using iPads to build houses or anything like that, but I can give advice to those who ask what apps they need to get started with a new project.

When my mother got an iPad for work recently, this was exactly the sort of advice she needed. With a little bit of guidance, she was able to pick up some iPad versions of her favourite iPhone apps. I made sure she had a copy of Keynote for her presentations, and she’s got her preferred note-taking apps for business meetings already.

Keynote is just the tip of the iceberg.

Keynote is just the tip of the iceberg.

But when I was helping her, I was thinking about it. I don’t think there are many categories of people who wouldn’t benefit, at least in some ways, from using an iPad instead of a full-blown laptop. They’re lighter than most laptops, they’re smaller and they’re touchscreen. They offer a different mindset for work productivity; they don’t feel so much like work as much as they do like play. And if the rumours are to believed, even the 10″ iPad is about to get much thinner and lighter this fall.

It’s a good time to be an iPad user.

In light of all this, we’re launching a new series at AppStorm about the iPad and Professionals. I’m capitalizing Professionals because they’re a different sort of person than the standard “user.” They’re the people who really want to be able to get something done. For them, the iPad is another tool and a means to an end. This series is about that.

James (our editor) and myself have been drafting up a list of all sorts of different angles to take a look at this with, and we plan on introducing you to as many apps as possible to help with your actual work. We’ll be talking about why each app is important and what the iPad is doing to change these industries.

We’ve got quite a list that we’re working up–everything from artists and film directors to nurses will find an article they’ll want to closely read–but we don’t want to divulge everything in advance. Instead, we’ll be treating you to one article a week about a professional use case for iPad and what it can do to make your working world easier.

For some people, they might read this as a glorified advertisement for iPads, but it’s not–at least, not to us. At AppStorm, one of our fundamental beliefs is that you should use the devices you own. The last thing we want to see is somebody spending $500 on a toy they hide in the closet.

This series is going to help you find a way to integrate the iPad into even more areas of your life. Maybe you’ll finally be able to leave your laptop at home, but if there’s even one app or workflow we write about that changes the way you work, this was worth our time and yours.

Welcome to the twenty-first century, everybody. Get your coffee ready and your iPads out: This is going to be fun.