Recommended Reading From July

If you missed these fantastic articles from iPad.AppStorm this month, then here’s another chance to catch up on some of my favourite writing from the site in July. And remember, if you have any suggestions or you would like to share your favourite article with our readers then please feel free to post them in the Comments section below.


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Our three-part series on the iPad and digital publishing

This month, we started our new Features section and Nathan Snelgrove kicked it off with a special three-part series on the iPad and digital publishing. He first looked at the current state of affairs, comparing Apple’s Newsstand offering with third-party solutions, such as Zinio, before digging deeper and looking at web applications and asking: are they superior to native iPad apps?

We plan to do more of this kind of article throughout August and September, so keep your eyes peeled!

The future of iPad cookbooks?

Our resident foodie, Jess O’Toole, wrote an excellent feature on the future of cookbooks, looking at how digital recipes can transform your cooking experience. Not only can developers of cookbooks embed detailed instructions and how-to videos into their apps that make sure you don’t go wrong when it comes to preparing and cooking your favourite recipe, but they can also be tailored to different tastes and themes.

A wonderful alternative YouTube client, Rockpack

When it comes to viewing YouTube, the default client on iOS is pretty much the go-to option for many people, however there are some nifty alternatives out there — and that’s precisely what Mark Myerson looked at in his review of Rockpack. The design is superb and a far cry from Google’s standard offering and the app focuses a lot more on individual channels — so if you choose a particular subject you’ll be sure to find plenty of stuff to watch.

Our recent roundup of the best free iPad apps

Who doesn’t love a free iPad every now and again? Well, instead of trawling the App Store and endless reviews, Oliver de Looze has done all the hard work for you and picked his favourite (and free) iPad applications. From games to productivity applications, there’s something in there for everybody and I think it could also be called “The Essential List of iPad Applications” — a collection which every iPad owner should have.

Apple’s revenge against the statistics

Apple has been losing its market share over the past year or so to other manufacturers of smartphones and rival operating systems (Android, most notably), and Jonathan Kizer has provided some excellent analysis of those dropping statistics and what they mean for Apple and the future of the company.

Google Maps on the iPad (finally!)

One of the biggest iPad announcements from the past month was the release of Google Maps for the iPad — finally. The iPhone version came about in December of last year and although Google teased us every now and again, it was finally released to a massive reaction (mostly by people who are fed up of Apple Maps). Nathan Snelgrove has reviewed the iPad version in great detail, along with the new features of this version 2.0 release.

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