Recommended Reading From June

If you missed these fantastic articles from iPad.AppStorm this month, then here’s another chance to catch up on some of my favourite writing from the site in June. And remember, if you have any suggestions then please feel free to post them in the Comments section below.


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Our bumper roundup of summer wallpapers

Ruairi O’Gallchoir‘s roundup of summer wallpapers for your iPad will hopefully bring some much needed brightness to your home screen, especially given the distinct lack of summer sun I’m getting in the UK!

An in-depth comparison of 3 popular iPad Twitter clients

Given the sheer range of Twitter clients out there for the iPad, it’s often difficult to choose one that excels above all the rest. Oliver de Looze has compared the official Twitter for iPad app against two popular third-party solutions, Tweetbot and Twitterific, to discover which one you should choose.

A preview of what’s coming in iOS 7

We covered the WWDC annoucement live back on June 11th and provided some in-depth analysis of what’s planned for the rest of this year. Check out Nathan Snelgrove‘s bumper roundup of all the new and upcoming features in iOS 7 and Paula DuPont’s commentary on Apple’s departure from skeuomorphism and the new look we can expect to see grace our iPhones and iPads come this fall.

Our bumper review of Cubasis

iPads are no longer mundane devices for sending a few e-mails and flinging a few birds at evil green pigs: they can also be used to create some funky tunes! Our resident music hothead, Marius Masalar, provided us with an in-depth review of the iPad version of Cubasis and what you can achieve with it.

Learn Pythonista from scratch

Pythonista is a wonderful tool for being more productive on your iPad, and thanks to the genius of Zach LeBar, even beginners can learn it from scratch! Our five-part series on Pythonista covers basic scripting and modules and the second part is coming up in August, so stay tuned!

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