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We’ve updated the link with 100 new invites! (ADN) is probably the most talked-about social network of recent times — and it’s extremely easy to see why. OK, so microblogging is nothing new in the virtual world (yes, I’m looking at you, Twitter) but ADN really is the model that I’d love to see Twitter emulate.

For starters, you can post messages of up to 256 characters (sometimes, 140 just isn’t enough) and it feels a lot cleaner than Twitter — there’s no spam bots, sponsored links or pretentious retweets — just pure, unadulterated bliss. And with developers cottoning on to ADN, it’s now supported by a growing number of programs — including a number of iPad clients which Nathan Snelgrove rounded up for you recently.

What’s unique, however about ADN is its pricing structure. At the moment, a standard account (with 10 GB of storage) costs $5 a month, or $36 for the year, which (in my mind, anyway) is a small price to pay for such a refined service. But, dear reader of iPad.AppStorm, you don’t have to! We’ve teamed up with ADN to offer our readers an exclusive offer: you can get a free ADN account on us! Just hit the link in the box below:

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The link is valid for the first 100 signups and expires on May 10th, 2013 so get clicking!

We’d like to thank the developers of ADN, Mixed Media Labs, for their generosity in providing us this exclusive link. And be sure to follow us when you’ve signed up! We’re ipadappstorm on there!