Apple’s iPad TV ads are gloriously seductive. They ooze minimalism and simplicity while simultaneously urging you to find this great new device a place in your life…

To have your app selected to be part of Apple’s official iPad marketing campaign, to be showcased on the actual television over that effervescent piano jam, must mark a goal for almost every iOS developer. The only further step that exists would be to have your app showcased on stage at a launch event!

The apps in the ads are often chosen for their beautifully interfaces and intriguing concepts, you don’t see third-party Twitter clients. Today I’ll take a quick look at some of the more recent apps that have featured and what makes them special – it’s going to be tempting!


We’ve featured TED before on iPad.AppStorm, and for good reason. Their tagline sums up the concept in a pleasantly concise way;

Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world.

The TED app for the iPad gives you easy access to over 900 of their best videos, and provides you with the perfect way to indulge your mind for 10 to 20 minutes. If you’re sick of playing occasional games on the bus, then download some TED talks and engage your mind.

It’s an obvious inclusion in the ads, mostly because the TED brand is already very successful and well-known. Also because the talks fit perfectly on the iPad, providing you with easy access to insightful and interesting videos.


I’m a huge fan of Garageband and can see why Apple choose to include it in almost every TV ad they concoct. Its appeal is extremely widespread and the app so perfectly refined in its functions that it’s worth downloading just to play with, whether you’re musical or not!


It also makes a great ad feature as it shows of the power of the iPad 2 in spectacular fashion, what other tablet could handle multi-track recording? Garageband’s inclusion also means you can do the bit where someone plays the advert tune on the iPad – beautiful synergy, right?

t Chess Pro

On first glance you’d be hard pressed to see why Apple would include this in a TV ad. Chess? On television? Are you kidding?

The fact is that it works. It works because it shows a very different type of person that kind of things they can do with the iPad, someone who may have dismissed it as a glorified media player suddenly has a great reason to think again! It also shows the quality of development for iOS and the iPad, by showing you a superb example in a category that could easily be overlooked.

Solar Walk

Apple has featured various star-based apps in its ads over the last couple of years, but the most recent inclusion is Solar Walk; a 3D model of the solar system. It exemplifies the way in which the iPad can enhance learning and is a great one for grabbing your attention, it’s hard not to be carried away at the sight of planets and stars being manipulated in the palm of your hand.

Again, Solar Walk draws in a whole different crowd of potential buyers to the iPad and shows off the breadth and scope of the educational apps available. What better excuse for buying one than to use it to enhance your child’s education?


An intriguing inclusion in the most recent generation of iPad apps, Chinagram gives you an interactive way to approach learning Chinese. It shows off the scope of the App Store and makes a great case for how personally beneficial the iPad can be, learn Chinese by swooshing your finger about!

The beautiful interface of this particular app has to be a good part of how it made the cut, but the functionality shouldn’t be underestimated either. The way the iPad can allow you to practise characters and symbols is pretty unique!

Fuze Meeting HD

There’s one massive reason Apple has taken to featuring Fuze Meeting HD in their TV ads; Big Business. Corporations have already begun to adopt the iPad, but a major complaint has been the lack of a simple in-built solution for multi-person video conferencing. There still isn’t one, but there is Fuze.

Combining simple video conferencing on the iPad with charts and tables is like pouring syrup over already fantastic pancakes when it comes to enticing executives. I can see this one being featured for a while…


A solid inclusion that owes its place in the ads to its painfully skeuomorphic user interface. It’s like having a chalkboard on your iPad!

One of the main reasons the iPad is great is that it’s not a 10-inch chalkboard, but hey ho! People love familiar things and Mathboard does what it does with aplomb, and actually gives you a host of unchalkboard-like features that make it a must for anyone trying to teach their kids, or themselves, maths.

Your Thoughts

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts – simply post a comment below! What is your current favourite app from the iPad TV ads? What is your favourite from the past?