Apps, Maps and More: An iOS 7 Wishlist

It’s 2013 and, if tradition reveals itself for another year, we can expect to hear some details of iOS 7 over the next few months. There’s a bunch of new stuff we’d love to see in the next generation of iOS alongside a number of improvements to what there already is.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at few of the areas we’d like Apple to take a look at with iOS 7, both to improve the current experience and better compete with the ever-growing rival options from Microsoft, Google and others.

Multi-User Support

In an ideal world we’d all have an iPad and iPhone of our own. However, that’s not a reality, especially in a world where giving hundreds of dollars of technology to an infant might be a benefit but not something worth giving sole responsibility to. As such, we’d love to see multi-user support, at least on the iPad.

Android 4.2 introduced multi-user support, offering multiple user profiles share a single device.

Google brought multi-user support in Android 4.2, allowing tablets to host multiple user profiles, each with their own customisation, security and more. iOS 7 could let parents share an iPad with their kids or even let one user share one device with both their work and personal life.

iCloud Notifications

If you’re an iCloud user then there’s a good chance you’ll have noticed iCloud isn’t on good terms with notifications. If I were to read an email on my Mac, i’d have to go and open the Mail app on three other devices just to be rid of the respective icon badge.

This badge shouldn’t be there.

Simply put, we reckon, with iOS 7, Apple needs to bring notification state syncing to iCloud and increase the overall stability of the platform.

Mixing Up The Default

How often do you use [insert any stock iOS app here]? Even with the chance of it being one of the most vital on your tablet, chances are it’s not very much and the option to uninstall or simply hide one of Apple’s preinstalled apps is long overdue.

I’m sorry Photo Booth, I never really loved you.

But more than that, it’s time to be able to mix up the default software. Why can’t you set Chrome to be your default browser, and have all apps be able to point to it when they need to get online? Why can’t you let iOS know you prefer using Gmail over the stock In the next iteration, we’d like to see some leeway made as to what the default paths are.

Better Maps

Do we need to say more? While it’s arguable that the controversy over Apple’s Maps service was blown a little out of proportion when it became a meme post-launch, there’s still a lot to be desired about the service.

In iOS 7, we’d like to see the app gain the same reliability one can have with Google Maps. Or, as mentioned previously, at least the option to switch to Google as a default.

Let’s find out where Maps is going.

Settings Toggles In Notification Centre

When you link a Twitter account with iOS, Notification Centre is born again as a quick way of sending a Twitter update. Yet, there’s room for so much more in this area.

In iOS 7, it’s our hope that Apple will expand this area to include one-tap toggles for a number of oft-accessed settings such as turning WiFi or Bluetooth on and off. They don’t necessarily need to live in Notification Centre (in fact, the multitasking bar does a fine job at handling mute/rotation toggles and brightness controls), but having quicker access anywhere would be a plus.

So much room for buttons.

Digitally Authentic Design

Finally, we end on something that isn’t really a wish as an inevitability. Jony Ive was never a fan of the skeuomorphism in iOS and now that he has control over software design, we can expect a move towards more digitally authentic, non-metaphorical UI design.

Don’t be alarmed if iOS 7 isn’t a total overhaul though. It’ll likely take some time before Jony Ive’s changes are really evident and with iOS 7 just around the corner, it can be expected we’ll only see some slight changes by summer. However, any sign that we’re on the right track is a positive.

More like Skeuomorph Centre.

What do you want?

What are you looking for in iOS 7? Is there a feature of the competition that you’ve got your eye on? Let us know in the comments!