AppStorm Reader’s No. 1 Apps

While it’s all good and well looking up app reviews and reading roundups to find your next favourite app, sometimes the best thing is to get a solid recommendation from a friend. A few weeks back I asked the followers of iPad.AppStorm on Twitter what their most-used apps were; the apps that they open every single day, or even several times a day!

I’m just going to take a minute or two to look at the apps that AppStorm readers love and think about why they make such a difference, why they deserve a place on your home screen.


I’m going to start with Flipboard, partly because its existence as one of the AppStorm favourites slightly (but only slightly) surprised me! This feeling was probably because Flipboard was such an early addition to the App Store, and people love to get their hands on something new…

I guess this feeling was misplaced, the recent update to Flipboard has made a huge difference to the user experience; adding much more integrated social features and significantly updating the interface. I now can’t think of a better app for browsing your favourite sources, and flicking through interesting curated stories and news.

Your Flipboard is everything you care about in one place. It’s your magazine. It’s your Flipboard.

I positively love the way you interact with Flipboard, and the effortless way the developers have subverted Apple’s tendency towards skeuomorphism. The minimal design is perfectly complemented by the intuitive use of imagery, if you haven’t yet experienced Flipboard then you are in a lucky minority…


Yes it’s been said before, but Reeder is a delight of an app, and one that every iPad owning AppStorm editor uses. I, personally, use Reeder multiple times a day to keep up with my RSS feeds and I can’t see that changing any time soon.

It’s the perfect combination of style and functionality that makes Reeder so good, and now with the Mac app there’s no need to read your feeds on anything else.


An obvious one, perhaps, but still a favourite among AppStorm users – if you use the service then you’re bound to love the official iPad app. People sometimes complain about the functionality of this, and there are other options out there, but it’s still a big favourite!


Again, perhaps it’s silly to mention but Safari was mentioned repeatedly by AppStorm readers as their most used app. It’s only going to get more use with the addition of tabbed browsing and multiple other features!

It does a least go to show that native apps haven’t yet eclipsed the web…


It’s at least a little interesting that Kindle got a mention and iBooks didn’t, right? Reading is by and large the most popular thing people do on their iPads, and the Kindle app gives you access to a stunningly large library of e-books.

For people who also use an actual Kindle (for times when you’re trying to protect the iPad from sand or snow) the Kindle app is the perfect way to keep up with your favourite books when indoors.


Talking of reading…

Zite also got several mentions, it’s another way to go with your reading – allowing you to get tailored content based on what you like. Like Flipboard? Zite is worth a few moments of your time, tell us what you think?


The only task manager that gets a mention is Omnifocus, but I guess you’ve got to use it if you’ve forked out…

In all honesty Firetask is probably my most opened app, even if I don’t spend the most time there. It’d be a little disheartening if task management was the primary function of your iPad.


We recently reviewed Instapaper again following a huge update to its iPad interface and functionality. It’s a perennial favourite with AppStorm readers, and for good reason. Put concisely:

Instapaper is a powerful application suite and service that allows you to save articles from the web and have them available on your iOS devices in a beautiful, comfortable place.

It’s popular because it’s epically useful, especially in combination with an RSS reader like Reeder! The recent update is only going to solidify its place in our hearts.


Lots of the above results were pretty much expected, but it certainly shows how much AppStorm readers love reading! It seems to be the primary iPad activity for almost everyone who got involved!

I’d be intrigued to know whether a lot of people now would put the Facebook app at the top, and whether iOS 5 has changed things – perhaps I’ll ask again in a while, be sure to get involved when I do!

Feel free to comment on why your most-used app is in that position! Get involved below – is your most-used app also your favourite?