The Alternative iPad Review

Everyone has got an opinion about the iPad.

Old people look at them in bewilderment and young people infuriate their parents until they get one. Everyone in-between? Well they either openly love the iPad and will defend it with fervour, or they are the kind of person that suavely indicates their alliance with Apple by selectively choosing only high end coffee shops in which to expose their iPad 2.

The iPad, despite being an inanimate object, has become a cultural icon – transcending the collective conscious like nothing ever seen before in technology. Journalists, tech-heads, posh snobs, musicians, haters, goths, people from every cultural sphere all tuned in to the unveiling of the iPad 2 back in March 2011…

At first glance, the less informed were probably thinking, ‘why is Phil Collins talking about a mobile dream machine?’ Whilst the rest of us marvelled at Steve Jobs’ pure genius. Those conferences and that trusted black turtleneck became synonymous with hope, innovation, quality, and forward thinking vision. God bless you Mr. Jobs.

This isn’t a jargon fuelled iPad review, that’s already been done way too many times. In true Apple fashion I’d rather take things that step further and tell you about how the iPad 2 can change your world.

The Alternative iPad Review

Is It Cool?

Yes, ridiculously cool, like an aluminium James Dean. The Apple iPad 2 is the personification of cool. A modern day Michael Corleone would probably have been able to control all of his mafia operations whilst kicking back at Lake Tahoe with just his iPad and a hot cocoa. It makes things that easy. Hell, even Luis Vuitton has got in on the act and released an iPad 2 case.

You no longer have to sit on the tube and awkwardly lift your sleeves to flash your Rolex at the pretty girl at the other end of the carriage. You can wear a little less Armani aftershave – let the iPad 2 do all the work. It’s a status symbol that oozes confidence and sends electronically transmitted pheromones via Bluetooth. It’s the briefcase Ferrari. It will announce you as the alpha male in any given social situation. Pull the best tablet PC out on your morning commute and it might get a glance, pull out the crowd pleasing iPad and it’ll get a stare.

First impressions count, and the aesthetically pleasing design of the iPad 2 makes an immediate statement. Once you’ve set your eyes on one, you don’t just want it, you feel you need it.

Can It Make Me Money?

Without a doubt. Maybe not in an obvious way that will see you riding round Miami in a Maybach by the end of the year, but it can certainly help save time. We all know our time is precious and more often than not equates to money. The iPad 2 is the ultimate time saver – you can do everything from organising your email, uploading pictures of your breakfast to Facebook, or just fitting in a little video game time before you return home to that partner you’ve neglected. All of those menial tasks that usually take up the beginning or end of the day can now be completed on the move which should free up time to concentrate on other things.

The Geek Down

It’s difficult to work your way through a heavily technical iPad review, so let’s keep it simple. Whenever a new product, service, device, or appliance is released, we all need to know one thing.

How is this better?

With a little solder and a hell of a lot of ingenuity, Apple has somehow packed the power of the terminator into a device that’s only 185.77mm wide and 241.2mm long. The new 1GHz dual core Apple A5 chip has been introduced as the brains of this machine. The new iPad 2’s processing power in comparison to the original iPad is something like Lewis Hamilton racing Mr Bean. There really is no competition.

The new A5 chip is great for those who want to multi-task.

Weighing in at just under 1.33 pounds (Wi-Fi version) and a hefty 1.35 pounds (Wi-Fi + 3G), the iPad 2 is a super flyweight with the speed of Sugar Ray but the explosive punch of Ali. Storage is not compromised, with both the Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G available in 16, 32, and 64GB.

If you’re wondering about the difference between Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G? Well 3G stands for ‘third generation’, it enables you to access the internet through a 3G network without the need for Wi-Fi. Choose Wi-Fi + 3G if you’re serious about needing the internet wherever you go.ipad 2 camera

One of the biggest advancements with the iPad 2 is the double camera. Perfect for those who enjoy capturing every single one of life’s moments and uploading it to straight to Facebook. The camera on the front of the iPad 2 is equally good for those who just enjoy looking at themselves. Practical vanity as I like to call it. The back camera allows for HD (720p) video recording with up to 5 times digital zoom. The front camera is VGA, which is considerably less impressive but still, it’s there.

Become an App King

There are apps for everything and currently over 140,000 of them exist on the iTunes store. You can download video games, entertainment apps, social networking apps, fitness apps; it’s a world of opportunity. Long gone are the days where you have to log in to millions of different online accounts and hunt through websites for information. Pick your favourites, put them on your home screen and swipe away.

If you’re bargain hunting this Christmas, you’ll be able to find a retail discount app. If you’re trying to lose that winter timber, you’ll find an app that will whip you into shape through a digital boot camp. If you’re a lazy gamer with an addictive personality, you’ll lose your life to a bunch of Angry Birds. Apps range in price from pennies to pounds and you’ll undoubtedly be able to find a few which make you laugh, save you money, get you a girlfriend, or make you lose weight.

How Do I Supercharge It?

At this stage, I’m not aware of it being possible to attach a Batmobile rocket exhaust to any of the iPad 2 connections, but there are other ways of achieving the Bruce Wayne effect. The infectious Apple fever has swept through the world of technology and those who weren’t clever enough to think of the iPad itself are now making up for lost time and cashing in by making exciting, funky, and interesting iPad 2 accessories.

Apple themselves have released a selection of ‘Smart Covers’ which are a magnetic cases to protect your delicate iPad 2 screen. You know that great feeling when something ‘clicks’ into place and the whole world feels aligned? Well that’s how the Smart Cover will make you feel.

There are a host of iPad 2 audio docking stations available too, killing off the traditional DJ and making iPad the centre of everyone’s attention at parties across the world. With an iPad, a few Jay Z tracks and an audio docking station, you’re pretty much on your way to being a less annoying version of David Guetta.

Musicians will also love the iPad 2 as they can now hook up their instruments anywhere in the world! As iPad sales continue to grow, expect to see continued growth of weird and wonderful iPad accessories.


It’s cool, it’s practical and it’s available. It’s a no brainer. There’s only one thing left to decide, do you go for black or white?

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