The iPad 5: What We Want and What We Expect

There’s no doubt the iPad has been a huge success for Apple. It has sold in the millions and slots effortlessly into the Apple product line up. The more recent release of the iPad mini was, to many, an expected move from Apple, filling a rather large void between the iPhone and the full size iPad. As September rapidly approaches (the next generation of iPad is hotly tipped for a September release), this article looks at what we can expect on the next generation iPad and what Apple should probably be including. Read on for more.

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What Can We Expect?

As is always the case in the run up to a new product release from Apple, the rumour mills seem to be working overtime at trying to decipher what the new product will look like, what it will be called and what features it will include. Thing are no different this year, with rumours galore about the fifth-generation iPad.

One of the hottest rumours and in all honesty the most likely to be true, is the change in design of the next iPad, such that it more closely resembles the design of the iPad mini. With thinner side bezels and a tapered anodized aluminium back, the full size iPad will look almost identical to its smaller sibling.

I think this will be a great move for Apple, as I feel the current iPad design is starting to look slightly dated (in the same way that non-retina MacBook Pros look dated next to the Retina models). This design change is made possible due to a rumoured switch to Sharp’s IGZO display technology, which will allow the same large screen size inside a much smaller housing. For me, this change would be great as I love the look of the iPad mini more than the full size iPad — it looks a lot more sleek and elegant.

The new iPad is rumoured to have thinner side bezels, just like the iPad mini.

The new iPad is rumoured to have thinner side bezels, just like the iPad mini.

The rumoured use of IGZO display technology will also bring with it additional benefits. This new technology will supposedly use 90% less power than the screen technology in the current iPad, while also producing a much denser Retina display. The increased efficiency will sit well with Apple’s current trend of increasing battery life without sacrificing performance (as we’ve just seen with the MacBook Air lineup). Additionally, the IGZO technology will allow the use of a smaller battery, which will make the next generation iPad lighter and thinner — a welcome improvement in my opinion.

I think we can expect a pretty basic chip update in terms of specs that won’t add a great deal in terms of performance but which will keep those who love continuity happy. It’s likely that the new iPad will be built around an A7 chip, just like the iPhone 5S is rumoured to be. Additional updates will most likely include camera improvements such as a 1080p FaceTime camera and a bump in megapixels to the rear camera (which will sound like an upgrade even if the picture quality is hardly improved).

Further down the rumour river, there have been suggestions that the iPad may well incorporate a built-in stand as a replacement to using the Smart Cover. If Apple were to go down this road, then owners of the Microsoft Surface would most definitely have something to say since the kick stand on the Surface is a well loved feature for most Surface owners. Despite the flack we’d all no doubt get from Surface owners I think the inclusion of a built in stand would be an excellent addition – providing it was done correctly.

What Should Apple Include in the Next iPad?

As I was writing this article, I spoke to iPad.AppStorm’s editor James Cull about what he’d like to see included in the next generation iPad. His first words were that he’d like it to be lighter and have the screen edge be closer to the edge of the casing. From the rumours, then, it certainly looks like the next iPad will be on James’ wish list when it’s released.

Despite a rumoured new design, the new iPad could benefit from more storage options.

Despite a rumoured new design, the new iPad could benefit from more storage options.

I think an option that Apple should definitely include in the next iPad is more storage, either by offering more inbuilt storage, say 256GB or 512GB or by offering expandable storage capability. The current maximum storage is a relatively measly 128GB, which I feel in today’s world is not enough.

Sure, it might be enough for the average consumer, but what about power users who love iPad and have their entire lives on iPad. What about people who love HD films and want to carry their entire collection around with them on their iPad? For these people 128GB might feel a little cramped.

In the future I bet that 128GB will feel cramped even for the average consumer as more and more people switch away from laptops to iPads when they’re on the move. An expandable storage option would be great, and I think it would actually bring a lot more customers to iPad who would otherwise have gone elsewhere but it’s more than likely not going to happen on an iDevice anytime soon.

Aside from more storage options and an iPad mini-esque design I can’t really think of any updates that Apple absolutely must include. In true Apple style, they’ll most likely do what they want anyway and buck the trend, knowing that a loyal army of fans await in order to purchase the next generation iPad.

What do you think Apple should include in the next iPad? What things annoy you about your current iPad that could be improved? Let us know in the comments below!