What You Like About AppStorm

It feels like an age ago, but back in December we ran an in-depth survey about AppStorm itself – how very meta of us…

As it was impossible for you to see the results as they happened, I thought I’d enlighten you and talk a little about the focus of AppStorm going into the future (it is the New Year after all). Get set for some charts, percentages, and perhaps a little light japery!

Your Favourite Articles

This one wasn’t too much of a surprise, as we’ve run polls similar to this question before – although the format of this one, with each person allowed three possible responses, made for a better overall picture. Reviews are the clear favourite, with a solid 33% of the vote.

What are your favourite types of articles?

This is encouraging because it’s what AppStorm is founded upon, giving readers accurate, authoritative, engaging, and entertaining reviews of everything app-related! We pride ourselves on the depth of our reviews, and go to great lengths to try apps and provide you with reviews of the best – you rarely see a review below a 6, why would we waste your time with that?

Your Favourite App Categories

The top shout for this question was another good friend of AppStorm; Productivity. It’s great to know that so many of our readers love productivity apps as much as we do! There’s nothing like putting your iPad to work getting things done harder, better, faster, and stronger than before (stronger doesn’t exactly fit, but you get the point…).

What are your favourite app categories?

In addition to Productivity, Utilities and Games also came off particularly well. Utilities go hand in hand with the productivity apps, but it’s awesome to know that AppStorm readers love their games. Gaming is a burgeoning category in the App Store, with excellent titles being released every week. I’m particularly excited about the potential it offers smaller independent games studios, it gives them a beautifully direct route to market and means they don’t have to compromise on creativity or style. Look out for a gradual shift away from casual games towards games that excite your imagination and challenge your intellect.

We’ll always continue to cover all of the categories above, there’s definite interest in almost every one and great apps can come from anywhere! I do feel a little sorry for Food & Drink, but I guess it’s never going to make it into your top three app categories…

How Many Articles?

This has always intrigued me, what do AppStorm readers think of the publishing schedule?

Some tech publications publish an almost unbearable amount of content a day, while we have always kept our focus on apps and valued quality and depth over sheer mass of content. It seems that there’s an appreciation for the approach AppStorm has, I know that personally I prefer having 2 or 3 things from one publication in Reeder per day, rather than 600…

How many articles would you like to see published a day?

2 articles per day is pretty normal at the moment, but it’s nice to see that a little more content would go over well – I’ll have to look into it!

Just Right

I’ll give you the chart first this time, sit back and allow myself to revel in the perfection…

What do you think about the length of the articles?

It seems that when it comes to article length, we’re pretty much spot on for the most part! With an equal minority preferring longer and shorter articles, there’s no change happening in this department.


Thanks to everyone who took the time to complete the survey! It’s still open for those of you who haven’t had the chance yet, and I’ll still check to see any changes – I promise!

It’s always great to get feedback from readers, to get an idea of what people enjoy (and what they don’t), and get some affirmation of the things you’re getting right. Feel free to leave any suggestions or comments below!