Why I’m Excited About the New iPad

Last week we ran a poll entitled “What Are You Most Excited About in 2012?” The response was great, but relatively unsurprising. People want to see what the next generation of both the iPad and the iPhone looks like!

There has been a huge amount of speculation surrounding Apple making a new move in the television market, and that showed up in the polls – there was also concrete interest in a potential Apple Television. However, today I want to look at a few of the reasons I’m personally excited about the new iPad…

First off, I thought I’d include the pie chart of last weeks poll – who doesn’t enjoy a good pie chart?

The results of last weeks poll.

I’m expecting the new iPad to dramatically improve, even revolutionise, several areas, and that’s pretty exciting…


We’ve featured a lot about gaming over the last month or so, and there’s a good reason why; the iPad games market is growing and improving at an alarming rate! With the faster processor of the iPad 2, developers are finally beginning to realise the potential there is for the iPad as a true gaming platform.

Sure, it may have begun with Angry Birds et al, but there’s no way it’s ending there. Casual games are fine, but when it comes to pushing technology to its boundaries, and engaging people, there’s nothing better than the drive to create compelling and graphically impressive games!

Infinity Blade II is quite linear, but imagine a game like Skyrim on the iPad...

The next iPad could have a dramatic impact on the future of gaming on the iPad, the addition of a faster processor (the A6) and/or a retina display would give games developers a platform that they could fully invest in. I’m excited about seeing massive commercial titles designed with the iPad in mind, franchises that can compete with the best in the console world, and innovation in gameplay that maximises the unique elements inherent to the iPad.


Any increase in capability that comes with the next iPad, be that processing power or RAM, would have a stunning effect on the ability to truly create using the iPad. I can see every creative activity being improved, by varying degrees.

Music creation could be dramatically overhauled, with apps that turn the iPad into the perfect portable studio, and development in the area of iPad instruments (Animoog is a great start) – Garageband is only the beginning. Photo and video editing could be taken a step further, the development of iCloud allowing professional photographers to streamline and improve their workflows.

The synth-lovers dream!

Even something as simple as writing on the iPad would be that much more enjoyable with a retina display, every pixel of every typeface as crisp as in print.


It hardly needs mentioning here, but a retina display and increase in power would vastly improve media consumption on the iPad. Watching HD movies and television shows would become the norm.

One area of improvement that we may see in the next iPad, and one that largely avoids speculation, is an increase in the storage capacity. Moving from 16GB to 32GB in the most basic model and upping the premium model to 128GB, or more, would make the iPad that much more useful in almost every area!

What the guts look like.

I can imagine an Apple department that’s dedicated to improving and inventing the next generation of flash memory for the iPad, could the next iPad be when their hard work is revealed?


I’m almost certain that the next iPad will have Siri. That’s definitely a good thing.

I’m hoping that the release of the next iPad will also see the removal of the BETA label from the service and perhaps a significant improvement in the functionality and scope of Siri. This is the beginning of something big, and while I’m very excited about what can be achieved with third-party access to Siri, and doubt that we’ll see that in the next iPad.

Your Thoughts

There are many more reasons I’m excited about the next iPad, not least because Apple always has something unexpected up its sleeve – any guesses?

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts – simply post a comment below!