The iPad has become a fantastic addition to the business environment. Providing an accessible, high quality and application loaded aid that can be easily incorporated into everyday tasks. The best business apps for iPad share web-based counterparts and a significant leader in this market is Salesforce. Providing applications to help you with your sales, marketing, and analytics, Salesforce can easily become the complete solution to your business needs.

Salesforce apps for iPad can be accessed through Salesforce1. Salesforce1 combines multiple web-based applications allowing them to work together simultaneously. Through this application, Salesforce’s communication tool, Chatter, is also integrated — making sure your team can stay connected. An admin app, SalesforceA, is also available, allowing superiors the ability to control employees’ access.

Read on to discover how to use Salesforce apps for iPad to sell more!

Salesforce 1 App Cloud

Salesforce1 is a customizable, effective, and unified “platform as a service” solution that allows you to maximize your use of the Salesforce products. Users have praised the customization element of Salesforce1 which allows you to individually build in specific products from Salesforce.



The iPad is where Salesforce1’s analytics really shine through. Accessed by the dashboard tab, users can quickly investigate reports and view graphical representations of data, allowing employees and employers the ability to track productivity and sales figures over time.



The SalesforceA application gives admins a complete overview of your employee task force. Through this overview you can set user permissions, freeze individuals login access, and reset passwords.

The app accomplishes these basics tasks and offers no further functionality. Serving as a small “utility belt,” helping to gain a easy overview of your employees.

Pricing: From $25 per month.

Salesforce 1 Service Cloud

Service Cloud provides an agent with the tools for quickly managing customer cases, using consoles, communities, knowledge bases, collaboration, social service, and multi-channel support features. In some cases, organizations can even create online support communities where customers are able to find their own answers to common concerns or questions.

Pricing: Three available packages. Ranging from $65/month per user to $300/month per user.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

As one of the largest and most well known CRM solutions on the marketplace, Sales Cloud is highly regarded thanks to its suite of tools designed to help businesses sell more and grow faster. Sales Cloud has introduced hundreds of features that give professional users ways to connect with leads, accounts, contacts, and important business information all from within a unified web-based system.

Pricing: Four available packages, ranging from $25/month per user to $250/month per user.


SalesforceIQ utilizes advanced analytics to track and utilize email communications. Through this Salesforce app or iPad’s easy-to-use interface, professionals can keep up with all ongoing conversations, including the number of days since the last email exchange. Using SalesforceIQ, businesses can free up their time and energy for use on more important tasks.

Pricing: Ranges from $25/month per user to $250/month per user. Most popular package costs $65/month per user.


SalesforceIQ offers a range of customer support tools for small business owners. The customer support application will supply you with your own support agents, who come with a selection of tools and operate within an entirely web-based environment. The benefits of using the software as a customer support solution is the ability for busy small business owners to out-source their customer service needs.

The iPad application for is separate from Salesforce1. It’s a simple yet effective Salesforce app for iPad that arranges your customers’ issues in a feed, similar to that of your social networks. Through engaging in these issues, employees can swiftly reply and resolve customer requests.

Pricing: Three available price bands. Most popular package is $60/month.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Mass mailings will no longer work in today’s hyper-targeted marketing environment, where consumers are being hit with hundreds of messages each day. Salesforce Marketing Cloud for iPad takes a more sophisticated approach, enabling marketers to reach individual customers through tailored, relevant content. This content runs the gamut from traditional email marketing tools, all the way to the most advanced cross-channel campaign functionality.

Pricing: Pricing dependant on which package you require. Email, Mobile and Web Marketing starts at $400/month. Social Media Marketing starts at $1000/month. Advertising starts at $1250/month. B2B Marketing Automation starts at $1000/month.


Sales teams are always looking for more strategic ways to nurture leads. Pardot is a B2B marketing platform that automates this process, providing organizations with the ability to grow their pipelines, generate better leads, and improve their close rates from within

Pricing: Standard package costs $1000/month. Pro package $2000/month and Ultimate package $3000/month.

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