Thanks to Our Weekly Sponsor: DraftCode

This week’s weekly sponsor is DraftCode, a fantastic new PHP development tool for the iPad.

DraftCode features built-in code execution which allows you to develop PHP offline without requiring access to a server or the internet. The app includes standard PHP 5.4.10 and supports a growing list of popular PHP extensions, POST and GET forms, includes and linking to other PHP files in your project, along with a whole host of other features. With its easy to use workspace for all your files, the option to hand over your code to other apps like Dropbox and an extended iPad keyboard, you can take PHP development into the creative and casual habit field of an iPad.

DraftCode 1
For developers who want to work on the go, DraftCode allows you to create and work on your PHP code in the code editor and execute it right from within the app on your iPad. You can view the output either as rendered HTML, as it would appear in Safari, or as HTML source code for debugging purposes.

DraftCode 2

Go Get It!

If you like to do a lot of development on the go or want to get your hands on one of the most powerful PHP development environments available on the iPad, then DraftCode is the perfect app for you. You’ll need an iPad that’s running iOS 6 and DraftCode is available for an introductory offer of $4.99 in the App Store for a limited time only. And if you need a bit more information about this great app then please feel free to visit the developer’s website or follow them on Twitter.

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