Thanks to Our Weekly Sponsor: Wedding Planner for iPad

Our featured sponsor this week is Wedding Planner for iPad, an amazing app for organizing and planning your big day.

Almost five years ago, I married the love of my life in a beautiful ceremony next to a bubbling fountain. But planning the wedding? Forget it — that was a nightmare. Between coordinating guests, vendors, photographers, videographers and everything else that comes up, we had more spreadsheets than the average accountant.

If only we had Wedding Planner for iPad. Not only is the app beautiful — no seriously, this thing is really pretty — but it’s intuitive and easy to use. You start by entering in you and your fiancee’s names and the date of your engagement, then it’s on to the planning. Establish the big day, schedule things out, coordinate seating plans and plan your budget, all within one spot. Even better, everything is visible on a main dashboard that shows you exactly where you’re at and what comes next. You can even plot out your color scheme and prepare your thank you list. How convenient is that?

Wedding Planner for iPad

Wedding Planner for iPad

Go Get It!

Wedding Planner for iPad is just $9.99, which is a great price considering all of the extras in this thing. And if you’re a professional wedding planner, you can even buy multiple plan options within the app, making it the ultimate tool for a professional.

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