What Are You Most Excited About in 2012?

It’s the New Year, and the perfect time to take a poll about what’s getting people excited! Rather than publish an exasperating poll that encompasses all eventualities, from the Olympics to finally playing Monopoly all the way through, I’ve decided to stick with Apple and the possible/probably/likely launches that are due this year.

Are you giddy about the next iPad, a guaranteed appearance this calendar year, or is it the spurious and much-rumoured Apple Television that’s getting you worked up?

Click on the right and lodge your feelings on the internet, what harm can it do? I’m hoping there’ll be some iPad sympathy here on iPad.AppStorm, but I’ve got a feeling that the iPhone 5 might just edge it out in the expectation and excite stakes…

Am I right?

Feel free to leave any comments or thoughts below – are some of these things definitely not going to happen this year? Have I missed something massive?