What Is Your Favourite Type of AppStorm Article?

Here at AppStorm we have a varied array of article types, this is in the hope that we can give you something interesting and diverse to read every week! Everyone has a slightly different taste, some prefer longer, more in-depth reviews, while others prefer snappy opinion pieces that get you thinking.

I’d love to know what type of post is your absolute favourite to read? iPad.AppStorm has been live for around three months and we have already gathered an awesome readership, here is your chance to help shape the growth of the site.

Before I finish it’s worth noting that I have purposefully left off two key posts; Polls and Competitions. This is mainly because I want to focus on the meat of the site, the true substance. Polls are great, a beautiful way to interact, but don’t really take much effort to read – and regarding competitions, who doesn’t like to win things?

Get involved here and tell me what your favourite article to read is and, if you’d like to, why?

Any comments or ideas are totally welcome, we’re all friends here – if you’d really like to see more of something, simply leave a note. Personally, I’m fascinated to see the outcome of this one!