Would You Use a Different Default iPad Browser if You Could?

Do you like Safari on your iPad? Really?

I’ll admit that it is pretty quick, but that doesn’t make up for the dire lack of extensions – I just want to be able to use 1Password, is that so much to ask?

The question today is, would you use a different default browser on your iPad if you could? You can freely use a whole multitude of different browsers on the iPad, but not being able to set them as the default makes things awkward. That little settings change could mean so much.

You could have that gesture based browser you love always pop up when you click a link in your email, you could even use a browser that supports Flash as your default!

I’ve got a feeling that most people aren’t too fussed about the default browser, and the fact that Safari is pretty good helps to keep people from investigating the other options. But maybe I’m wrong, would you change the default browser if you could?