The iPad Around the House: Bedroom Edition

Continuing the series on optimizing your iPad for various rooms in the house, today I’m going to take a look at preparing the iPad for what can be the least likely place to find it: the bedroom. Whether it’s getting your iPad ready for some hot love with your significant other or it’s relaxing before turning in for the night, I’ve got you covered.

Let’s dive in and get this show on the road.

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Cuddle Up with Your Significant Other (Oh, and Your Girlfriend)

Off the record: sub-headings like that make me glad that my fiancée doesn’t read my articles. This section is all about connecting with someone else in the bedroom, whether it’s because you both want to go to sleep or because you feel like, well… I can’t mention it here. Let’s just say that you won’t be sleeping.


Ah, the game that inspired this entire section. While the description seems innocent enough–you and a partner move your fingers in pre-determined ways!–this quickly goes from friendly finger-twister to suggestive phalange mating rituals. If you feel like getting that little bit of spark going Fingle can be a fun way to show your partner what you plan on doing for the night.

A note: don’t play this with platonic friends. Things can get awkward quickly, and I don’t want to be held responsible for relationships that get ruined by this game. Proceed with caution.

Netflix/Hulu Plus/iTunes

Speaking personally for a moment, I can say that my fiancée and I both love watching a movie before we go to bed. Often it will be via the PS3 hooked up to the TV, but every once in a while we’ll want to watch something that we don’t own on DVD or would like to rent through the iTunes Store. If you have an Apple TV hooked up this can amount to a stay-in movie night, but this works best if you just use the iPad.

While the iPad’s screen has excellent viewing angles, the excuse of not being able to see what’s going on is a great way to score some extra cuddling. Hold it where you can both see it, crank the volume up, and appreciate the intimacy of having your significant other feel close to you without having to crane your neck to see a TV.

Those Nights (or Years) You’re Flying Solo

Now, there’s going to be a time when you have to sleep alone. Hey, maybe you even prefer it; I’m not one to judge. I used to toss and turn all night in my bed, unable to fall asleep without some severe sheep counting. When I’m forced to sleep alone now (sometimes I get in trouble and I’d rather not talk about it) my iPad makes a pretty good companion.

Curl Up with a Book

While the eye-strain debacle of reading with an LCD screen wages on, I can safely say that I would rather be able to read on my iPad in the dark than buy an extra light for a Kindle. You have an iPad, you may as well take advantage of it.

There are plenty of different applications that allow you to read on your iPad, whether you’re an iBooks faithful or you’re committed to Kindle. Some applications offer a ton of free, out-of-copyright books, while others will have the latest and greatest best sellers available.

One suggestion: if you’re trying to get to sleep, make sure you’re reading with the brightness down and with the app’s ‘Night’ or ‘Dark’ mode, whatever the application calls it. I find that reading this way can calm my mind a bit before I go to sleep without making me feel like I have to stay up and catch something else.

Who Needs Sleep?

So, you’re ready to admit that you can’t fall asleep. It’s one in the morning, you’ve been staring at the wall or the alarm clock for hours, and there are no signs of you getting some shut-eye any time soon. What are you to do?

Just grabbing this screen nearly sent me into Kingdom Rush remission.

Just grabbing this screen nearly sent me into Kingdom Rush remission.

Well, you could stay up and play some games. I’m not saying that you should do this every night, but go ahead and relax a bit. Downloading something like Kingdom Rush and watch as the hours fly away. You might not feel the greatest in the morning, but hey – why else did they make energy drinks?

When Bedtime is a Battle with a Toddler

My nephew will often spend the night with his aunt and I. He’s generally pretty good, but every once in a while he wants to get going and all I want to do is sleep. The iPad has become a fun – but rare – part of our usual routine. Be forewarned: in some instances these apps can help you get the little one to sleep, but in others you’re going to be left tapping through over and over as the kid shouts “Again!” at the end of each pass-through.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore

I couldn’t not mention this book-as-an-app. It’s a fantastic story that blends just the right amount of reading, watching, and interacting. The app is fun not only for my nephew but also for myself, as the story is appropriate for any age group and watching him learn his way around the iPad was fantastic.

You could also give The Numberlys, from the same company, a try. I had some mixed feelings about that particular story, but if you have a slightly older child to read to and play with that app may be even more fun.



Sometimes all you need to do is help them get their energy out. I’ve found that GarageBand is the perfect way to do that, as my nephew flails against the iPad playing the piano and the drums. As a bonus, this can also be used to create your own special lullaby for your child. Give the app a try; it helps keep the children occupied, whether it’s through their own engagement or the soothing effects of your amazing playing.

That’s It

So, that’s about all AppStorm would let me get into with how you could use the iPad in the bedroom. Apparently we have to keep it PG or something? Either way, I hope that you found this helpful. Whether you’re going to bed with your sweetie, curling up with nothing but a pillow and your iPad, or trying to get an unruly kid to finally go to bed, the iPad can serve multiple functions in the bedroom.