Today’s interview is with Cyril Moutran the co-founder of Oecoway, the makers of Friendly for Facebook. We’ll learn a little about the Friendly team and what motivates them, as well as diving into a discussion of the future of Facebook on the iPad.

Look forward to some interesting insights into developing successful iPad apps, along with some discussion of the recent furore over Twitter’s announcement to developers. We love the developers that produce the amazing software we review, and hopefully this will be a great way for you to meet the names and faces behind the apps that you use every day!

I hope you enjoy it!


When you buy a piece of technology, you’re goal is often to simplify your life. And, while that may be a little too idealistic for some, in reality it’s what technology is all about.

When you buy an iPad, there are some obvious parts of your life that you’re looking to simplify, and one of those is note taking. How appealing is the ability to search through every note you’ve ever taken at any moment in time? Or having access to those notes whenever and wherever you are? That’s ubiquitous capture, that’s flexibility, that’s the holy grail of notebooks right?

That’s what the iPad could be, it could be the ultimate notebook. But, the built-in Notes app just isn’t going to cut it. Nope, that’s why there’s the App Store, and why there’s a fiercely competitive market for high quality note taking apps. Today we’re going to look at Notesy, and see how close it comes to giving us that ultimate notebook experience.


Many of you will have heard of the notorious Al Gore and his attempts to change the world for the better, and some of you will have seen ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ – one of his presentations/films educating us on how we are destroying our planet. Well ‘Our Choice’ is the sequel – sort of.

In Our Choice, Al Gore presents the causes of global warming along with many groundbreaking insights and solutions, while skilfully removing the boredom of being told for umpteenth time that humans are evil.

The app (well it’s really an interactive ebook) was wonderfully designed and developed by Push Pop Press, with a superb use of multitouch making it feel like it has been built by Apple – in fact the 2 people behind PPP are ex-Apple developers. This book is a joy to read, and even if you’re not an eco-friendly citizen, it appeals to the inner child inside everyone due to its great finish.


It’s fascinating to me the way each person adapts differently to fit the iPad into their life. Before I owned one I thought that it would be a (slightly) frivolous toy, I couldn’t see exactly where it would fit in…

Within weeks, however, it finds its place in your life (and heart?).

If you were looking for my iPad then the two best places to check would be my desk and my living room, it moves almost seamlessly between those two locations. I barely even notice the frequency with which I carry it up and down the stairs!

I rarely remove it from my house, apart from those occasions when I’m going travelling – I couldn’t imagine a better companion! Has the iPad found a specific place in your life? Do you keep it on you at all times?

We’d love to hear where your iPad primarily resides, get involved with the poll and feel free to leave a comment below! Especially if you think I’ve missed a place, and I’m almost sure I have…

Is it an expensive living room accessory, or does it never leave your side?

Real Racing HD. The name really says it all. This game is one of the best examples of a racing game on any platform, not just iOS. If you couple the stunning graphics with the intuitive and responsive gameplay, it’s seriously hard to beat.

Today we’re going to take a look at what Real Racing 2 HD has to offer, and look at why it’s a shining example of iPad game design.


There always seems to be another use for the iPad. When it first came out, I figured that it was a great place to showcase my photography work; I could just use the built-in Photo app and flick through to my heart’s content.

The problem is that, although Photos is great, it’s just not classy enough to really feel impressive in your hand. Give your iPad to a client, for example, and watch them accidentally stumble into your personal picture collection – which could be quite embarrassing…

If only there was a dedicated app that looked great and turned your iPad into the perfect portable portfolio. There is, and it’s called Minimal Folio. Could this dramatically change the way you showcase your work?


I’m excited to let you know that the five lucky winners have been chosen! Thanks go to Readdle for giving us the codes for this competition, we will be in touch shortly with the following readers:

Florian Taltavull
Alvin Leutenegger
Rob Weber

Old Competition Post

Following perfectly on from our detailed How-To on Filling in, signing, and annotating PDFs I’m excited to announce that this week we’re giving you the opportunity to get your hands on a promo code for PDF Expert!


Writing on your iPad might not be the most productive solution for your ten-page essay, but you may come to a point where, through choice or necessity, you want to get some serious writing done.

Most might just opt for using Apple’s $10 Pages app as it seems like the perfect companion to an iPad but, whilst that’s a great solution, there are some awesome alternatives you might want to consider before diving into a purchase.


Today I thought I would write a short article about those apps that truly bring the iPad to life for me.

Each of us will have those apps that make a huge difference to the usability and experience of using the iPad. I am in no doubt that we will differ.

That we differ is merely evidence of the vast and ever expanding capabilities of the iPad, as it makes significant inroads into our lives. For some, apps like Mail, Safari, and Calendar will form the basis of the iPad’s functionality. While for others, specific third-party apps are what turn the iPad into something revolutionary.

I’m going to take a brief look at those apps that make the iPad so hard to put down…


Reading on the iPad is one of the key features that has been praised and advertised. Subsequently, there are a great number of apps out there to allow you to follow the news and stay up to date.

Only a few apps, however, will present the news to you in such a stylish way as The Early Edition. We take a deeper look at the news reader and how it holds up against the competition.


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