There are an abundance of music apps for your iPad. You’ve got radio stations, music services, music tagging apps and let us not forget how your iPad can work as a fully functional iPod, too. The question is no longer, “How can I get my music on my iPad?” But is now, “What is the perfect music for this moment in time?” Songza has devoted its existence to the answer of this very question.

Songza is a music discovery service designed to play the perfect tune for whatever mood or activity you are doing. Think about Pandora and how it designs its stations based off of other artists and songs. Songza does the same thing, but bases its music off of activities such as “Relaxing at Home” or “Cooking.” Let’s find out more after the jump. (more…)

Audiophiles have plenty to complain about when it comes to music players. Algorithm-based systems, such as those popularized by the likes of Pandora, lack the human element when picking selections to play. Similarly, streaming apps ⎯ including Live365 and Songza ⎯ are pre-programmed to someone else’s taste, with little chance for outside influence of the playlist. Spotify is hit or miss depending on list creators, who may or may not have the most expansive (or even good) tastes in music!

When it comes to music discovery, can a balance be struck between being controllable and being out of the box? seems to thinks so. The app uses blogs, the top curation tool of music experts, to guide listeners to new music.

Is’s method of mixing up in-the-know pros’ playlists the key to keeping listeners tuned in? Find out after the jump. (more…)

I’ve been on the lookout for a decent free app that will allow access to my music and video collection at home, with minimum fuss. Air Playit HD is just that app. It’s stable, fully featured and supports streaming not just over Wi-Fi, but crucially over 3G and 4G networks also.

The setup is simple, requiring a small server program to be installed on a PC at home, and once you tweak a few settings in the app you’re away! In this article, I’ll review the features, but also give you a brief how-to to get you up and running quick as a flash. (more…)

We’ve collected the top four reviews, roundups and how-to articles from across the AppStorm network in September. Whether you’re interested in Mac, iPhone, Web, Android, Windows, or iPad apps, there’s bound to be something you didn’t spot over the course of the month. Now would be a good time to explore a part of the AppStorm Network you’ve never seen before!

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Most avid players of action games know how to use hand grenades. The little throwable explosives make titles of the first person shooter genre much more enjoyable and provide for an exit where there often isn’t one. There are even smoke emitting models that manufacture temporary refuge. Typically though, grenades aren’t used extensively — they’re just a secondary weapon. This is not so in Fragger HD, an Adobe Flash classic from the early 2000s recently brought to the iPad.

Developed by Miniclip, the creator of the original, the iPad game aims to entertain. Does it live up to such ambitions? (more…)

Lots of talk recently about that rumored iPad mini. As of Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal reported that there are already companies working on the rumored 7.85-inch device, and that it’s coming in October.

I’ve also read rumors (although I can’t find them now, of course), that Apple will send out invitations on October 10, then follow that up with an event on Oct 17. Sometimes when these things are so incredibly specific, they seem plausible.

So what about you? Do you think the iPad mini will be out this month? Let us know in the poll to the right!

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Our featured sponsor this week is Budget Notes HD, the easiest and prettiest way to get your finances in check.

Does anyone really like to do bills? I’m sure someone out there gets a real kick out of coordinating and budgeting their finances, but for the rest of us, we usually need some kind of help to make life easier. Enter Budget Notes HD, a simple and clean way to make a budget, enter your expenses and income, and look great doing it.

So how does this bad boy work? Simple. Start by making a plan in the first column, showing your income and expenses for the month. Then, once all that drama is sorted out, use the middle column to enter expenses and income as they happen. The app automatically calculates out the info you need to know, making it easy for you to track all of your data. Then you can use the reports in the right column to determine where your money is going, and whether or not you’re doing it right, or there’s a huge problem on the horizon.

Budget Notes HD is easy on the eyes, too, particularly on the Retina display iPad. Not only does it look great, but the reports and charts all seem nice and fluid, in a very aesthetically pleasing way. Sure, there’s a bit of skeuomorphism involved, but it’s so subtle that it’s hard to even notice. Besides, shouldn’t everyone’s ledger look this good? And isn’t it easier to open an app every day if it’s good looking and fun to use?

Budget Notes HD

Budget Notes HD

Go Get It!

Budget Notes HD is available in the App Store right now, and better yet, it’s free! There is a $2.99 in-app purchase available if you want additional budgets, but that’s completely up to you.

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This week’s roundup of games brings you a runner game with futuristic graphics, a combat game with a royal rebel for a hero, an alien that’s simply run out of fuel, a sequel (of sorts) to Angry Birds, and a completely addictive puzzler involving a popular pastime — doodling.

Hit the jump and we’ll take a look. (more…)

Unlike the vast majority of professions, Writing requires no qualifications of its purveyors — anybody can be one. The boundless level of expression afforded to authors of any genre is unmatched by any other art form. A level of expression limited not by talent or ability, but only by the imagination of the craftsman. It has been said that writing itself is not difficult, but rather the difficulty arises with forming good ideas.

Authors cannot be taught how to be creative or imaginative; it is for themselves to coax ideas out of their minds. What can be encouraged, however, is the development of those oh-so-rare seedlings of invention into fully rooted bougainvillea. Writers App isn’t designed to boost imagination, but it does provide the tools needed to help cultivate your ideas into flourishing works of literature. Intrigued? Let’s find out more. (more…)

When I’ve got a car trip or other prolonged activity coming up, I always make sure the latest episodes of The Pen Addict and MacBreak Weekly, my two favorite podcasts, are downloaded and ready for listening. I’ll even do some exploring on occasion in a desperate attempt to find something different than music to listen to (I overplay my whole library and listen to music in general far too often). With iOS 5 and prior, all of this used to be easy, but now things have changed.

In iOS 6, Apple decided it was time to remove the podcasts function of the Music app and replace it with a standalone app, available for free in the App Store. Properly titled Podcasts, this app released in June of this year, but has been under much criticism for its half-baked design, lag and lack of functionality. Since then, there have been three updates to the app, the last of which arriving the day of iOS 6’s release. All the same, is this app even worth the trouble Apple has gone to thus far? (more…)

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