The App Store does not have a shortage of weather apps. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of good weather apps in the App Store. It is also apparent that weather apps go through trends. First there were the expected apps from The Weather Channel and AccuWeather. These apps provide a one-stop shop and a lot of detail, but will include ads and usually will have usability problems. Next, powerful radar apps starting to make more of an appearance. Now it seems the minimal weather app is making the trend through the App Store with the release of Kelvin and others.

One app that bucked the trend of how apps are developed is Dark Sky, which started out as a KickStarter project. The developers presented their idea and met their funding goal to finish the app and bring their idea to completion. The developers also decided to only focus on one aspect for their weather app: precipitation. Sound interesting? Read on to find out if DarkSky can help keep you dry. (more…)

Get ready to mount your steed and charge off toward the cliffs shouting “Freeeeeeeeeeeedoooooom!” because today’s Game Thursday roundup is all about the battles, people. We’re talking warriors, knights, fighter pilots and Avengers challenging everything from dark sorceresses to demons from hell to just general, pure evil.

So grab your battle axe and buckle up (Those two things don’t really go together, do they? They shouldn’t.), and then hit “more” because tonight, we ride! (more…)

The people at Adult Swim aren’t right in the head. Sure, their nighttime lineup for Cartoon Network is pretty sweet, but the games they make for the iOS platform are just nutty. Should I be surprised to discover that Amateur Surgeon 2 makes me feel a bit uncomfortable?

Yes, it’s a lot of fun to play, and sure, it’s quick and fast paced. But at what cost? Will you come out of the game having lost a little bit of your decency and maybe even your sanity? Join me as I see how deep down the rabbit hole we can go. (more…)

Dandelion is an utterly unique and interactive storybook that aims to communicate the following message: “Bullying is for people with no imagination.”

A tale for people of all ages, Dandelion is the story of a little boy as told through hauntingly beautiful imagery that the user is meant to interact with. In each scene, get to know Benjamin and his world a little better by exploring the environment and using your own imagination. Click “more” to take a closer look. (more…)

I read a statistic once that said that WordPress powers over 22% of all new websites, worldwide. Wow. That’s a staggering amount of data, and yet the platform that many bloggers know and love is still going strong after years in the business. I’ve been using it on my personal site for years, and we use it here at AppStorm, too. It’s about as solid as you can get.

Problem is, the WordPress app for the iPad has historically not been very good, turning off quite a few users. But now, we have Poster, an app that promises to make the process of writing and publishing blog posts to your WordPress site much easier. Does it hold up, or is it just another flash in the pan? Let’s discover together. (more…)

Chances are pretty good that you’ve seen at least one of the more recent Marvel movies — Iron Man, Captain America, The Avengers — but out of all of those, one of the least likely to catch on was Thor, because hey, who’s really into Norse gods? Turns out that Thor ain’t that bad a guy; in fact, he’s pretty cool.

When it comes to playing Thor on the iPad in Thor: Son of Asgard, you get a little bit of the awesome part of the character, and a lot of the parts that you’re not sure are very cool. Lost yet? Don’t worry, let’s go to Asgard and figure out what makes the Odinson tick.


There were a ton of big movies this summer, and although The Dark Knight Rises was a pretty big deal, let’s face it: The Avengers was the star of the season. Featuring Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor and The Incredible Hulk, it was quite the event, for sure.

But the fun didn’t stop this summer, because Marvel has years of Avengers-related stories to tell over the next few years. To keep the hype going, they recently released Avengers Initiative for the iPhone and iPad (which doesn’t include the first-gen iPad, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch), and it’s the first in a series. Is it worth the seven bucks or should you spend your money somewhere else? Let’s find out. (more…)

We’ve collected the top four reviews, roundups and how-to articles from across the AppStorm network in August. Whether you’re interested in Mac, iPhone, Web, Android, Windows, or iPad apps, there’s bound to be something you didn’t spot over the course of the month. Now would be a good time to explore a part of the AppStorm Network you’ve never seen before!

Thanks for reading AppStorm, and I hope you enjoy looking over some of our favourite posts from last month!


In July of 2011, independent developer Supergiant Games introduced Bastion to Xbox Live gamers. It brought a world of unique RPG fun to the platform with a great story and superb graphics. A month later, the developer released Bastion for PC via Steam, followed by its debut on the Chrome Web Store in December and the Mac App Store in April of this year. This month, the game has made its way to the iPad.

Boasting the same artistic graphics and exciting gameplay, Bastion aims to bring an amazing console and computer game to tablets. Is this edition worthy of all the high praise the game has received elsewhere? I’m going to take a full look at the game as if I’ve never played it before, so join me to find out. (more…)

If you are in the United States, then you know that the presidential election is just around the corner. Maybe your mind is already made up on who is receiving your vote this election, but how do you keep up with the current election news? Do you view content from multiple sources to keep a broad perspective or do you just rely on one source?

WP Politics aims bring together several different perspectives into one central politically infused app. This can be useful to stay on top of all the political news, or even help make up the mind of voters who are unsure of their presidential vote. Cast your ballot after the jump.


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