It is now summer! You now have a whole lot of free time, right? Free time in which to do something productive. How about learning a language?

Normally learning a language would require college courses and hiring expensive tutors; well since it’s 2012, it’s about time to push into the 21st century with some very innovative language learning iPad apps.

We have assembled 10 of our most amazing apps designed for iPad that will enable you to learn your favored language this summer. So put on your learning cap and pick up your iPad and lets start our international voyage together!


We’re proud to announce that the following people have won promo codes for AmpKit+:

  • Florian Taltavull
  • SXNC
  • Gershom Charig
All winners have been notified via Twitter. Thanks to everyone who entered, and be on the lookout for another competition soon!


When it was decided that I’d become the new editor of iPad.AppStorm, I realized that I had a problem. See, I was an original iPad owner — I waited in line with the rest of the huddled masses for an iPad 3G back in 2010. But since that point, I had upgraded everyone else in the family but myself. My mother had a third-gen iPad, my dad an iPad 2, and even my toddler son partially inherited my mother’s original iPad (she calls it his, but she obviously keeps it well protected). Seemed like the whole family was ahead of me on the curve.

So I went out and made the plunge. Today, I’m the owner of a shiny and new 64 GB iPad with LTE in black. Almost immediately, my head exploded. Turns out I had been smart to wait. If you’ve been waiting to buy an iPad, you should heed my advice: go and buy one now. Let me explain why.  (more…)

Words, used by us every day in speech and thought, can have incredible influence on our own lives and those of others around us. It can be the softly spoken magic three words between just two people or it can be words like “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” that touch billions of people at once and will be repeated through the ages. Or maybe you’ll be touched by something as seemingly insignificant as lines delivered in a novel or TV show. To keep them safe and remember them there is now an app for your iPhone and iPad called Quotebook. We’ll take a closer look at it after the break.


I’m reluctant to total up how much I’ve spent on to do apps from the App Store. But I don’t use any of them on a regular basis. So when I came across Task Pro I wasn’t sure whether to take a look or not.

There is one one particular feature available in Task Pro that made the decision for me. It’s a feature that sets it apart from the majority of other to do apps. Read on, and I’ll explain what it is.


The iPad is a fantastic tool for the world of education. I have used mine to track assignments, take notes, record lectures, read and annotate textbooks, study for exams, do research and much more. Now that I have graduated, however, it is time to put my iPad to new use as I look into graduate school – studying for the GRE.

As I began my search for apps to utilize for this purpose, I began to wonder what kind of apps existed for all the various standardized tests that we might encounter. This round-up contains some of my findings – a list of some apps designed for specific tests as well as some apps for more general preparation. Read on to learn about some of the best apps that I found.


Ever since the iPad was launched in April two years ago, there’s been a lot of development within the music industry in response to the introduction of this immediately popular product. Along with the iPhone, new and innovative ways have been created to identify, discover and create music.

I’m going to show you some of the ways having an iPad has changed the way we find and create music. To find out exactly how far it’s changed the way we do music, it’s important to highlight the static things; the unchanged aspects of our musical lives, as it allows us to highlight the extent to which the iPad has changed things.

Let’s dive in.


Some exciting changes are afoot at AppStorm!

I am sadly stepping down as editor of iPad.AppStorm, but I’m excited to announce Kevin Whipps (of illustrious iPhone.AppStorm fame) as the new editor of iPad.AppStorm!

Many of you will know Kevin from his previous writing and in his role as editor of iPhone.AppStorm, but be sure to give him a warm welcome to the site! Kevin’s a huge iPad fan and has done fantastic things as editor of iPhone.AppStorm, you can follow him on Twitter.

It’s privilege to work for such a fantastic readership and Kevin’s someone who’s passionate about growing iPad.AppStorm and making it simply the best place to come for everything iPad App related!

Look out for the iPad.AppStorm Twitter account livening up!

Do you also have an iPhone?

If you’re the proud owner of a new iPhone, right after your figure out how to add your contacts, make phone calls, set up your email and send text messages, you’re going to wonder, “Which apps should I download?”

That’s where I come in. I’m here to save you from embarrassment. That’s right, because all your already-have-an-iPhone friends are going to bombard you with “Haven’t you downloaded that app yet?” until you’re fully dialed in. So here are 50 common yet useful and well-known apps to get you started covering many of the bases you’ll likely use your iPhone for: social networking, entertainment, news, productivity and more. And the best part? They’re all free.

Head over to iPhone.AppStorm and check out the article!

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Recently, I’ve been spending quite some time with my iPad in a web design context for a few articles over at Tuts+, and had the chance to use some fantastic iPad apps that are disrupting one of the core stereotypes of the iPad, its uselessness for content creation. I’ve came to the conclusion that the iPad is the perfect device for planning projects like web design, acting as a great canvas for producing and sharing plans, prototypes and ideas.

Adobe Proto is an app that’s leading the way to disrupting this meme of a tablet not being fit for productivity. The app is all about planning and prototyping ideas in wireframes consisting of a number of stock elements and even adhering to popular CSS grid systems.


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