Angry Birds Space HD: Pigs in Space!

The very first Angry Birds game was released on the iPhone in 2009, and has since become one of the top-selling iOS apps of all time. Millions upon millions of users have found themselves addicted, frustrated, and endlessly entertained by the simple act of flinging birds at pigs with slingshots.

The birds have travelled through deserts and forests, across seasons, and even down to Rio. Now, Rovio have taken the birds even further, all the way into the final frontier: Angry Birds Space is the newest addition to the series, and is packed with gravity puzzles, secret levels, and of course evil pigs.

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Space: The Only Frontier Left

If there is one thing I loved about Angry Birds Space, it’s the amount of creativity and re-creation clearly put in by Rovio in releasing what feels like the first true sequel to the original Angry Birds. I was expecting something along the lines of an “expansion” of the original, but instead found myself truly playing a brand-new game.

Pigs in Space

Our beloved birds find themselves yet again chasing after egg-theiving pigs, this time traveling through a wormhole in space to take their fight amongst the stars.

The Final Frontier for the Angry Birds.

A New Way to Play

In Angry Birds Space, Rovio have managed to take what was a ubiquitous method of gameplay and give it an amazing refresh, creating something that feels at once brand-new and familiar.

While gameplay in the original Angry Birds was all about finding the weak point in a structure in hopes of collapsing it, gameplay in Angry Birds Space is all about gravity.

Gravity is now your best friend.

With the majority of levels starting with birds and slingshot on one planet and pigs on another or floating in near orbit, understanding and capitalizing on the gravitational pull of planets in motion is the heart of Angry Birds Space.

Taking the adventure to the furthest reaches of the galaxies!

The physics in Angry Birds Space have really been taken to a new level of realism, creating space for much more strategic and creative pig-destruction.

Strange New Worlds

The level design in Angry Birds Space is fantastic. Instead of rendering countless similarly flat landscapes with a few minor variations each go around, Rovio has really gone the extra mile in crafting unique environments for each of the game’s challenging levels.

One of many puzzling levels.

From basic moons in low-orbit to frozen ice planets, Angry Birds Space takes you on a terrifically fun journey through the cosmos on your way to kill more pigs.

Ice. Planet.

A great deal of time and effort went into the design of wonderfully unique bonus levels hidden throughout Angry Birds Space. These levels are only accessible by finding the hidden golden eggs, giving gamers a whole new incentive to find everything Angry Birds Space has to offer.

A hidden passage to a secret level...

These bonus levels all pay homage to classic gaming, borrowing from Space Invaders, Super Mario Brothers, and even Arkanoid.


The bonus levels aren’t just tailored to mass-destruction; instead, their unique and creative design requires you to think far outside the box to get a high score. I loved these levels and thought they perfectly demonstrated the time and effort spent making Angry Birds Space a truly new gaming experience.

There's even an Arkanoid level.

New Lifeforms

The formerly yellow bird wreaking havoc.

The birds in Angry Birds Space have all received facelifts during their warp through space, and I really enjoyed the souped-up look they all received. The special abilities of the birds have returned, like the Blue Bird’s three-in-one attack or the Black Bird’s explosive powers.

Bold new looks.

The gravity-based gameplay makes the use of each bird differently from the rest, and forces you to use them in new ways. In many levels the Black Bird’s explosive force is better used to propel objects into a collision-course with the pigs, or to even try and force pigs and space-junk alike too close to a planet so they’ll be sucked in and crushed by the gravitational pull.

Straight-forward destruction won't help you here.

The birds in Angry Birds Space are as angry as ever, but their looks and abilities have received some greatly appreciated upgrades for this new adventure.

One More Thing

Of course, it wouldn’t be Angry Birds without the Giant Eagle, who has returned in the form of – what else – the Giant Space Eagle. Using the Eagle bait summons the Giant Space Eagle through a hole in time and space, causing massive damage across a huge area of space. Like in previous games, you can gain bonus “feathers” for getting total-destruction on a level with the Giant Space Eagle. The bait used to summon him can also be earned over time and with high scores, forcing you to work for his power, but also making him more readily available.

Destruction from the deepest reaches.

With the revamped gameplay, characters, and level design, I’ve had an incredibly hard time putting down my iPad since buying Angry Birds Space. My only complaint is that the 3rd world, “Danger Zone”, is only playable as an in-app purchase. I was pretty bummed that such a fun game experience was over after only 2 worlds unless I wanted to pay extra to keep playing.

That aside, Angry Birds Space is creative, innovative, and wildly entertaining. I’d say it’s one of the most addictive games to come along for iOS since the original Angry Birds. Angry Birds Space is available on the App Store for $2.99.


Everyone's favorite rage-aholic birds are back, battling thieving pigs in the deepest reaches of space.