Draw Something: Well, Anything for That Matter

If there is one thing that the iPad is great for, it’s doodling. The iPad’s large multi-touch screen makes it the perfect canvas to draw just about anything. But what if the marvelous drawing experience was turned into a game?

OMGPOP did just that with their flagship iOS app, “>Draw Something. Draw Something combines the awesome drawing platform the iPad provides with social features to create a unique iOS game. Learn more about it after the break.

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Drawsome Gameplay

Draw Something is essentially Pictionary for your iPad, or OMGPOP’s iOS counterpart to their popular web game, Draw My Thing. After starting a game, you select the word you want to draw from a list of three words. There are one, two, and three coin words — the ones that award more coins are more difficult to draw, but you rake in the virtual coins faster than you can say “Draw Something”.

A blank canvas allows you to draw your word to your liking.

A blank canvas allows you to draw your word to your liking.

The words in Draw Something vary greatly — one round you may be drawing something simple like an apple or the color green, and the next round you may be drawing things from pop culture such as Adele or an iPhone. Once you select the word you want to draw, it is up to you to draw (or spell, if you want to suck the fun out of the game) the word.

Unless you choose the one coin words, you will most likely have to get very creative with your drawings. Otherwise, how would you distinguish Adele from, say, Beyonce?

After that, you wait for your friend to guess your drawing, then you have to guess their drawing. You are given twelve letter tiles, from which you will find the word your opponent is spelling. When you guess your opponent’s word, you repeat the cycle by drawing a new picture. As each successful round passes, you gain a win streak between your friends. For each round that is completed successfully, you will be awarded with the amount of coins that corresponds with the word. However, if you are unable to guess your friend’s word, your streak ends and resets back to one and no coins are awarded.

Friendly Competition

What is a game without a little bit of competition between friends? Facebook integration is used heavily throughout the application, so you can invite your friends at any time to a new match. Of course, if your friends do not have Facebook, you are able to search up specific usernames or email addresses to start new matches. Or, if you are really in need of a fix, you can start a game with a random player online.

Check out how you stack up with your friends using the stats feature.

Check out how you stack up with your friends using the stats feature.

Another cool aspect of this game are the statistics that are integrated into the game. This feature allows you to see how you stack up with each of your friends by providing statistics from your matches. Using this, you can see your longest streak with your friend, top three colors used, average guess and drawing speed, coin distribution as well as any other facts and stats you would want to know. Though this feature wasn’t necessary by any means, for stats nerds like me, it’s pretty cool!

Oh, the Pretty Colors

The coins you earn from playing the game do count for something. After several rounds of the game, you will be able to purchase new colors and hints using the coins you have won after each round.

There are plenty of color packs available to purchase to aid your drawings.

There are plenty of color packs available to purchase to aid your drawings.

At the beginning of the game, you are supplied with four different colors to draw with: red, blue, yellow, and black. For 249 coins, you are able to buy one pack of five new colors. I have found these additional color packs to be rather helpful when drawing certain words (for example, it is a bit hard to draw the word “pink” when you only have the four colors listed before). I myself enjoy these extra color packs because they make the game a little bit more interesting. Plus, the more colors you have, the cooler you are compared to your friends…

Coins can also be used to buy helpful power-ups to use during the game. Draw Something also comes with five “bomb” power-ups included at the beginning. If you have a hard time guessing the given word, you can use the bombs to eliminate some of the letters. You can buy 10 additional bombs for 400 coins, 20 for 720 coins, and 50 for 1600 coins.

Say you run out of coins, and you don’t feel like playing for hours to regain them back. There are in-app purchases available so you can replenish your stock of coins. For $1.99, you get 400 coins; 1,200 coins for $4.99; 3,000 coins for $9.99; and 10,000 coins for $24.99. These in-app purchases are a bit superfluous considering that you do receive 400 free coins with the purchase of the app and because coins do rack up pretty quickly just by playing the game. It’s just important to note that they are there if need be.

Missing [And Annoying] Features

As great as this game may be, it does lack features and has a couple of annoying features. Draw Something does not have a chat feature, which is a staple in OMGPOP web games as well as many similar iOS games. Quite honestly, I found that the lack of the chat feature was a bit annoying as there would not be a way to commend your opponent for a funny drawing or for great execution of portraying the word.

One of the most annoying features of this game has to be the animations between each round of the game. I found these animations to slow down the game greatly while not adding anything beneficial to the game. Another annoying feature is how difficult it is to terminate games. Until the latest update, users were unable to end games at all. Still, it took me weeks to figure out how to end a game (you swipe left). The function is very gimmicky, and only works about half of the time, which I find completely unacceptable as it is one of the most basic functions that any game can have.

The Verdict

Overall, Draw Something does provide the addicting gameplay that good iOS apps are notorious for. It makes great use of the iPad’s screen real estate, and provides hours of fun, unlimited playtime between friends. However, gameplay does get a bit stale and the game is not exactly in its prime as it is missing or lacking some pretty important features.

If you aren’t quite sure if you will like the game, I would consider checking out the free version of the game before paying $0.99 for the full version. But for reasons stated above, I’d definitely recommend checking Draw Something out.


Addictive and unique gameplay makes this game an easy quick-fix; however, it lacks features that it really should have.