Gears: A 3D Physics-Based Roller

Well, if that title didn’t put you to sleep and you’ve made it thus far then you’re in for a treat, because although your mind may cringe at the very word ‘physics’, you’re sure to find a great deal of fun with this game. Gears is a 3D physics-based roller ball game released by Crescent Moon that’s divided into 3 different worlds totalling 27 wonderful levels.

Playing this game may make you significantly more unsociable as you become engrossed in your endeavour to complete it – be sure to warn friends and family in advance!

Getting Started

The aim of Gears is to guide your ball across the various maps into the funnel at the end, ideally having collected as many coins (or some sort of metal cog) as possible, and before the timer runs out. As a result you are awarded with a medal, with Gold being the prized trophy and blue being the worst, depending on the number of cogs collected.

Allowing the user to customise the game to suit their desires.

There are two methods of controlling this; by touch or by tilting the iPad. The latter is more natural, but I tend to prefer using the touch method – you simply tap your finger on the side of the ball for the direction you wish the ball to travel. You also have the option to change the level of difficulty, which ranges from easy to brutal, depending on how many lives you want and if you want a time limit.

These options make the game significantly more enjoyable; you have the choice to really challenge yourself!


Whilst you may find the earlier levels quite easy, as you progress through the 29 levels you will find that the difficulty begins to increase – it’s definitely worth trying to complete the game on a normal setting before cranking it up, especially in light of the more mind-boggling maze levels.

Fun obstacles create a much more enjoyable gaming experience.

With all sorts of fun obstacles, such as trampolines, switches to open doors, and tunnels, the gameplay can be really intense and interesting, requiring your full concentration.

If you just want to have fun with Gears and are not particularly interested in medals (what’s wrong with you?) then there is great enjoyment to be found by flicking the ball as far as you can across the map and desperately trying to land on the platform!

Game Centre on the left, my medals for the levels.

If, however, you’re into competing (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), then not only can you strive to acheive Gold medals on every level on brutal difficulty, but you can also compete against your friends and the global community with the Game Centre implementation, which allows you to compare your scores and pushes you to do better.

The camera angle can become disorientating while you roll around the maze and try not to fall, the bottom line is that you may well feel a bit dizzy while playing.

Room for Improvement

Apart from the occasional dizzying experience during gameplay, there are not a lot of improvements to be made. The game is quick to load and very responsive, and while the graphics did look a bit Nintendo DS on my ancient iPad 1, seeing it on an iPad 2 highlights just how smooth and clear the graphics and gameplay can be.

What’s even better is that Crescent Moon are expected to update the game with new worlds in the coming months, much akin to the Angry Birds experience – and who doesn’t like extra levels for free?


Gears is a fun, immersive experience that will have you pulling out your iPad on planes, trains, and automobiles trying to complete that next level – you’ve got 27 of them to have a crack at! With the medals at the end and Game Centre implementation the gameplay lasts even longer, as you strive to get high scores and challenge your friends.

At $1.99 it’s great value for money considering the hours you will get out of it, and the many months that will have gone into development, plus it’s a universal app so it will also work on your iPhone/iPod Touch!


Gears is an immersive physics-based roller in which you have to navigate your ball across a map, avoiding traps, and unlocking paths. With different difficulties and Game Centre possibilities, Gears gives you great value for money!