Guess!: The Ultimate Word Guessing Game

You pack them up when going on vacation. Tabasco is one of these. Someone who cleans public places. A dessert like a muffin but has buttercream on top.

The sentences above might seem like nonsense, but it is your job to decipher them in Guess!, one of the newest word games on the iPad. This game truly tests your ability to sort out what’s important from a sea of gibberish. Read more about it after the break.
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Graphics and Navigation

Upon first glance, Guess! seems to have a confusing interface. The main menu isn’t all too bad. On the top, you have your profile information as well as options to connect your social networks to the app. Under that, there are buttons to create a new game and invite your friends. Then there are two lists showing your active games: one shows games where it is your turn, the other shows games where it is your opponent’s turn.

Try to guess your opponents word before the Bonus Score meter runs out for some extra points!

Try to guess your opponents word before the Bonus Score meter runs out for some extra points!

To delete a game, simply swipe to to the left until the Delete button appears, then press it to delete the game.

In the game, the turn count, score, coin count and opponent are displayed on the top of the screen. In the middle is the hint, and under that is the keyboard. The trash can button will delete all the text you have inputted. The Bonus Score meter tells you how much time you have left to get bonus points on the question. Last, the resign button allows you to forfeit the turn; this button turns into an ABC/123 keyboard changer when you are giving a hint.

Graphics in Guess! are simple and cartoon-like. Bright colors are used really well and don’t look gaudy. The interface is clean overall, and the use of rounded rectangles throughout gives it a fun touch.

How To Play

Guess! is a turn-based game that is played at your own pace. It requires an Internet connection to play as it uses GameCenter and Facebook to create matches. You and your opponent take turns guessing each other’s words by constructing clues that allow your opponent to do so. The catch? You are not able to use the word itself as well as five other words in your clue.

It's hard to describe words like "icicle" without using words like frozen and ice.

It’s hard to describe words like “icicle” without using words like frozen, hang and ice.

Each round, you will be given a list of three different words or phrases — the harder the word/phrase is to describe (or spell, in the case of “gnocchi” among others), the more coins it will be worth if it is guessed correctly. To describe your selection, you are able to use letters, numbers and even special characters like underscores.

At the cost of 10 coins, you are able to regenerate the list of words if none of them suit your fancy.

Upon answering a word correctly, you will receive the appropriate coins and points for the difficulty of the word and the turn count continues on. You can even receive bonus points by answering before the Bonus Score meter runs out. However, if you are unable to figure out the word, you can resign. By resigning, you forfeit all the points and coins for the round and the turn count returns to one.

The Finer Details

There are a lot of elements to Guess! that make it a truly fun game to play. First, the game is quite challenging. In order to make any real progress in the game, you need to make sure that your hints are understandable even though you might have to think outside of the box a bit.

Granted, the need for circumlocution can make the game a bit humorous at times, especially with the game’s expansive dictionary. Many words are pulled from pop culture, which often are sent your way along with a very satirical yet funny clue.

But Guess! surely does have its faults. For one, it isn’t that well known yet, so your ability to play with your Facebook friends may be limited to just a handful, which can get a bit annoying. Additionally, I have experienced some crashing, but it does not happen all too often. I have also found the in-game keyboard to be a bit sticky, which is more of an annoyance than an actual problem with the game.

Need to Buy a Vowel?

The coins you earn by playing the game can be used towards getting help in the game. If you are completely lost in figuring out a word, you are able to reveal the first letter by pressing the Peek button for 15 coins. If you opt for a free method, you can tweet or post the clue to Facebook directly from the app so your friends can give some helpful hints.

If you're stuck, the Peek button will reveal one letter of the word for you.

If you’re stuck, the Peek button will reveal one letter of the word for you.

Like just about every game nowadays, Guess! also comes with a means of purchasing coin packs via an in-app purchase. For anywhere from $0.99 to $19.99, you will be able to buy packs of 100 to 4,000 coins. Granted, your wallet will be somewhat emptied by doing so, but your stash of coins that will help you win in Guess! will not.

The Verdict

We can’t condone that Guess! has its fair share of problems. The crashing issue, the sticky keyboard and the small pool of people who play the game can be enough to turn some people away from the game. However, Guess! is surely headed in the right direction. The combination of difficulty, amusement, and the ability to play at your own pace makes Guess! a perfect quick-fix game.

Guess! can be had for free today directly from the App Store; the ad-free version can be unlocked for $0.99 via in-app purchase.


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