Joe Danger: An iOS Game With a Console Punch

As iOS devices grow more and more popular as a gaming platform, we have started to see developers crafting their old console games into new, touchscreen friendly softwares. Joe Danger is no exception.

Joe Danger, the “World’s Most Determined Stuntman,” is back and better than ever. After three years of gracing your favorite video game consoles, it is time for you to help Joe Danger ascend to fame by helping him dodge perilous obstacles and perform jaw-dropping tricks right on your iPad. Does Joe Danger prove to be victorious, or does he crash on the way? Read on to find out more.

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Training Wheels

Joe Danger employs simple and natural tap and touch controls, so you can begin play as soon as possible. The three basic gestures are taps, swipes, and holds. Each of these gestures will serve different purposes throughout the game as obstacles become more demanding. Whenever a new purpose is given to a gesture there is a tutorial on how to use it, which greatly minimizes the learning curve of the game.

Race your way through 59 beautifully crafted levels.

Race your way through 59 beautifully crafted levels.

The game comes packed with 59 cleverly named levels that are grouped into worlds based on difficulty and the content. Every world has at least one bonus level where you can gain some extra coins that can go towards essential purchases within the app.

Also, each level has three objectives; these are often along the lines of landing every trick perfectly, collecting all of the coins or even just crossing the finish line. Fulfilling these objectives allows you to open up more levels. Additionally, by completing all three objectives on a level, you will be credited with a “Pro” badge.

Motorcross Madness

Joe Danger channels your inner Evel Knievel, and now you are able to pull off the same jaw-dropping tricks without any of the danger (pretty cool, eh?). Well, at least you will need to channel that inner daredevil in order to jump the countless shark tanks, perform risky flips and duck under countless totem poles and tubes to earn the glory that you’d receive from crossing that finish line.

Fans and spikes are just two of the countless obstacles that you will have to work with in Joe Danger.

Fans and spikes are just two of the countless obstacles that you will have to work with in Joe Danger.

New obstacles are added every few levels, making the game more difficult as you go on. You will have to strategically duck, jump, wheelie, flip and more in order to avoid obstacles that could end the game. Gaming is often timing-based, which adds an extra nuance of challenge to the package. Sometimes a split-second reaction will determine whether or not you proceed.

The button in the top left corner allows you to easily restart the level when need be.

Which brings me to the point that in order to fully beat the game, you really have to pay attention to the surroundings. The knowledge of the locations of coins, tricky obstacles, and other things are crucial when trying to fulfill objectives, especially when you get to harder levels. That being said, levels are meant to be played time and time again, adding all the more replay value to the game.

Gameplay as a whole is generally fast-paced, although some levels can take a minute or two to run through completely. Still, this makes Joe Danger a great game to pick up when you’re in a squeeze, but you have to be careful because it can just as easily suck you in for hours. Gameplay grows stale for small periods of time, but it turns out that the quest to pick up that last coin or pull off that difficult trick isn’t particularly the easiest thing to drop.

Friendly Competition

It is impossible for Joe Danger to progress without a little help from his friends. As you play the game, you will notice that you need to purchase new characters in order to play certain levels. New characters can be purchased at any point in the game by pressing on the character you are playing with. Characters will set you back a few thousand coins each, but are necessary in order to progress in the game.

Different characters have different combo maxes and score and coin bonuses. To rake up maximum coinage or points, select your characters wisely!

Each character comes with their own perks, but the most prestigious ones will set you back a lot of coins.

Each character comes with their own perks, but the most prestigious ones will set you back a lot of coins.

If you’re really hankering to buy the next best character, you are able to buy packs of coins via in-app purchase. For anywhere from $0.99-$12.99, you can purchase packs of anywhere from 10,000 to 500,000 coins, which is a bit of a steal as far as in-app purchases go. Still, I’d only advise investing in these packages if you absolutely need to, as it doesn’t take too long for coins to rake up while you play.

The Graphics

If there is one thing that sticks out about Joe Danger, it’s the graphics. Like many of my favorite apps, the graphics are what initially drew me into buying it. The “Wild West” theme is very detailed and adds loads of character to the game. Plus, the 3D art-style looks great on Retina devices, however, images can start to look a little bit edgy if you’re playing on a non-Retina device.

The user interface is very user-friendly and easy to read, and the Retina 3D graphics are stunning.

The user interface is very user-friendly and easy to read, and the Retina 3D graphics are stunning.

The user interface features a style similar to that of Run Roo Run! — more playful than serious. Brightly colored buttons stud the menus of the application, but everything looks in place and it is not at all distasteful. The UI as a whole is clear and easy to read and navigate, which makes the game all the more pleasurable to play.

The Verdict

All in all, Joe Danger is a great game for the iPad. Unlike most iOS-counterparts to console games, I feel as if Joe Danger only benefit from the simple touch controls. Plus, gameplay is fast-paced, challenging, addictive and doesn’t lack any of the quality a console game would get; the sporadic staleness of the game can be overlooked due to the quality of the gameplay itself. Its beautiful Retina graphics only add to the overall experience.

I recommend this app to people of all ages, as controls are simple enough for a five-year old to pick up the game with ease, but it would be equally enjoyable to any adult. Joe Danger can be had for just $2.99.


The iOS counterpart to the console game, Joe Danger, which documents a daredevil motorbike rider.