Pelt Villagers with Poop in Happy Street

I know what you’re thinking: another freemium city-builder, and yes, while that may be true, Happy Street actually has a bit more depth than your average free-to-play title, and is probably as twice as bizarre.

Similar in style to Nintendo’s Animal Crossing, Happy Street revolves around a quaint village inhabited by anthropomorphic animals in which you must tend to the needs of your residents, create a thriving economy, and cover villagers with feces. Sound interesting? Hit the jump to find out more.

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Welcome to Happy Street

Meet Billy, a young, adventurous fox who is looking for a home to call his own. Luckily for him, his hot air balloon has just landed on a plot of dirt which is crying out for regeneration. So Billy, under the guidance of his new friend, a nomadic wolf named Pepin, get to work, building the village of Happy Street from the ground up.

Pepin reminiscing about the good old days.

Pepin reminiscing about the good old days.

You will soon come to realise that Happy Street has a rather strange obsession with poop, starting with Pepin reminiscing about the time he slipped on a turd and fell into some thorny bushes. Um, OK. Later on, you are tasked with pelting innocent villagers with bird crap every time you see Poopy the seagull flying in the sky, not forgetting the fact that you are encouraged to craft (yes, craft) with any leftover excrement otherwise the aforementioned villagers will slip on it and fall over. Nice!

Climbing the Property Ladder

Happy Street is mostly comprised of houses and shops, albeit a limited number of them at first which increases as you progress through the game. Houses can be upgraded when all villagers living in that house reach a certain level, with the level varying from property to property. Upgraded houses can then accommodate more villagers which will eventually bring in even more money to your village, thus allowing you to expand the land.

Building houses and shops take time, with the amount varying from property to property.

Building houses and shops take time, with the amount varying from property to property.

Shops function in a similar way to houses, apart from the fact that they need to be restocked regularly in order to make a decent profit. As you level up, different types of businesses are unlocked, and as each individual business levels up, the amount of stock each shop can hold increases so that they do not need to be restocked as often.

Making Money

You will need plenty of Flooz and Coins to build a thriving village, both of which can be obtained fairly easily by completing various quests, visiting friends, gambling (these fuzzy critters love to gamble), or via an in-app purchase using real cash.

Coins are used to expand your village and purchase houses, shops, and decorations, while Flooz will speed up construction or sell off stock quickly to earn even more Coins.

Fiestas are a great way to make some extra cash.

Fiestas are a great way to make some extra cash.

Every so often, Happy Street will throw a fiesta where villagers and visitors are encouraged to spend a large amount of money. It is advisable to keep your shops fully stocked during a fiesta otherwise you will not make much of a profit and your village may suffer.

On a Mission

Every once in a while, a character will issue you a quest to fulfil, ranging from something relatively easy such as buying and building a house or shop, to finding specific ingredients around the village which is a lot more time-consuming.

Sometimes, these quests can become a tad overwhelming, especially when there is a long line of characters waiting for you to complete their task, and so it would be better if they were spaced out a bit more and not all given within such a short timeframe.

Love Thy Neighbor

Throughout the game, you will encounter a whole host of characters, each wanting to live in or visit your quaint village. Tap on passersby to invite them to look around and hopefully spend some Coins, or build a bus stop or taxi rank to make Happy Street more accessible to others.

A new resident equals even more money for your village.

A new resident equals even more money for your village.

On their birthday, each villager may be customized with a selection of hairstyles, clothing and accessories, which is a welcome addition to those wanting to personalize the game a little. Birthdays occur every time a character levels up, so you will find yourself able to tweak a character’s appearance fairly often.

Visiting Friends

As is common with most freemium city-building games nowadays, Happy Street allows you to visit the villages of your friends via Facebook. Connecting to Facebook will award you with a certain amount of Flooz each day and so it is well worth doing just for that alone as Flooz can be quite slow to build up at times.

Earn Flooz for visiting the villages of friends.

Earn Flooz for visiting the villages of friends.

Lookin’ Good

Happy Street features visually pleasing 2D graphics that fit in well with the overall theme of the game. This, along with an uplifting soundtrack, is what makes Happy Street a cut above the rest and it is clear to see why the game has such a large fan base.


Happy Street is a lovingly crafted, if a little strange, game that will appeal to all ages. It is easily navigable, highly addictive, and does not rely heavily on in-app purchases like many other titles of the same genre, which is always a plus.

Boasting cutesy 2D graphics, an upbeat soundtrack, and a style of play which can be easily picked up while featuring respectable longevity, Happy Street is one of the best freemium games available in the App Store right now, if only for the poop flinging alone.


A rather charming yet slightly bizarre city-builder.