Re-Home The Homeless With PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue

When I’m not busy writing for AppStorm, I work at an animal rescue in the next town over, re-homing unwanted dogs and cats. It’s a difficult but rewarding job, and I was curious to see just how well an app such as PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue compared to the reality of dealing with homeless animals.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get stuck in …

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Animal Rescue Sunflower

You have just arrived for your first day of internship at Animal Rescue Sunflower, where you are greeted by the Professor and welcomed into the fold. Tasked with the job of running the rescue single-handedly, you will soon discover just how much work is involved when caring for a shelter full of animals in need of a little TLC and a home to call their own.

It's your first day at Animal Rescue Sunflower.

It’s your first day at Animal Rescue Sunflower.

There are six different types of animal to be found in PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue — dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits, with enough space to board four of each species, but only one pony.

An animal available for adoption.

An animal available for adoption.

Necessary supplies such as food and litter are kept in the storage room next door to the stable, and can be transferred to your inventory by dragging and dropping as and when required. Water, however, is located in the well at the back of the building, with one bucketful being enough to supply every animal with fresh water each day.

Tender Loving Care

Each and every resident of Animal Rescue Sunflower will need to be cleaned, fed and watered at least once a day to maintain a healthy weight and happiness level. Some animals need grooming and petting regularly too, along with the occasional treat and game of fetch. This is a time consuming process, made more cumbersome by the fact that there is only enough space to carry six items in your inventory, ensuring many trips back to the storage room to exchange litter and kibble for treats and toys.

This pen is in need of a clean.

This pen is in need of a clean.

It is also important for dogs, cats, horses, and rabbits to exercise daily. Tapping the flap located at the back of their pen will allow them to play outdoors in a fenced off area, socialising with other animals of the same species.

Call the Vet

In addition to the above, you will also need to examine an animal when it comes into your care. This is achievable through tapping on its clipboard and selecting the looking glass, where you will be posed with a question about any problem you encounter. For example, “There are tiny white eggs on the rabbit’s skin. There’s a maggot, too. What shall we do?”

Diagnosing an animal.

Diagnosing an animal.

Underneath the question are three possible answers, with only one being the correct protocol. Select a wrong answer and the Professor will ask “Are you sure you have made the right diagnosis?” reverting back to the question to guess again, while choosing the right answer will result in “Very good. Soon the animal will be healthy again.”

Finding a Forever Home

Throughout the game, a steady stream of people will visit the rescue, hoping to adopt a furry friend of their own. Some have a specific requirement in an animal that must be adhered to, such as a dog with high stamina, or something low maintenance such as a hamster or guinea pig. Others have no preference, and are willing to adopt almost anything shown.

An adoption may only be completed if the animal in question is in good health, and has received a sufficient amount of care and attention. I found this somewhat frustrating as the majority of residents are admitted to Animal Rescue Sunflower with medical problems and are unable to be re-homed for a number of days, resulting in a lot of potential new owners being turned away.

The adoption process.

The adoption process.

For every adopted animal, the Professor will reward you with one star, which can be used to purchase decorative items from the Gear Wheel, situated in the top right-hand side of the screen.

Control Yourself

Navigating around the rescue is intuitively simple, and merely requires swiping the screen to travel from room to room, pinching to zoom in and out at will.

Tap on a pen to approach a resident, and select the clipboard to see how it is feeling. The clipboard displays the animals name, age, species, weight, health, activity, confidence, coat care and whether it has been examined yet, with a paw print indicating the current level of each. Red indicates a low level which will need rectifying as soon as possible, yellow equals so-so while green means that the animal is in great shape.

The clipboard contains information about each animal.

The clipboard contains information about each animal.

A typical day of work commences at 8am and finishes at 4 pm, but you may occasionally find yourself staying later in order to complete chores. The date and time displayed in the top left-hand corner will begin to flash at the end of the day, indicating time to go home. To retire for the evening, navigate to the front gate and tap End of the Day. This will cut to a holding screen, where you will then begin a new day at the rescue.

The Verdict

PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue is a well-designed app with an educational element, encouraging responsible animal ownership, and is probably best suited to younger players, as the game can become a little repetitive once one proceeds beyond the opening few days.

Available in both free and paid versions, I was suitably impressed by the way in which the game manages to accurately reflect the daily routine of a real life animal rescue worker, and for this reason would recommend it to anybody wishing to gain some insight into that area.


Care for and re-home unwanted animals.