Test Your Pop Culture Knowledge With Icon Pop Quiz

As long as people have lived on this planet, there has been pop culture. The newest movies, the greatest actors and stellar TV shows are often the content of daily conversations. Our lives today without pop culture would be like the universe without stars — bare and nearly unimaginable.

Sure, you know that these people, films, or characters exist, but are you able recognize these figures from our pop culture now and from years past? Well, Icon Pop Quiz tests your ability to do just that. Read more about it after the jump.

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How to Play

Gameplay is pretty simple. First, select one of the game’s four categories: Season’s Box (holiday themed), Famous People, TV & Films or Characters. You will be greeted with the first level, which has 16 puzzles; each level after that has 48 puzzles. The content of the levels gets more obscure as you go on, making the game proportionally harder.

You may only proceed to the next level after reaching a threshold amount of correct answers.

After selecting a puzzle, you type in the answer using the game’s keyboard. A red “x” will appear if you get it wrong, a yellow ” ≅” will appear if you are close to the answer, and a green checkmark and the answer will appear if you answer correctly.

Some icons are much more clever than others, but all of them are fun to solve.

Some icons are much more clever than others, but all of them are fun to solve.

For each correct answer, you will receive a certain amount of points depending on how well you figured out the photo. Points are deducted if you answer incorrectly or misspelled the answer. You will also receive 100 tokens for each correct answer, which can go towards unlocking hints and extra content within the game.

Helpful Hints

Stuck? Icon Pop Quiz luckily offers four different types of hints to help you solve the toughest of levels — at a price. The “stronger” the hint, the more tokens it will cost you. For 200 tokens, you can get a sentence that will give you an extra clue to the answer. At a cost of 300 tokens, only the letters that appear in the answer will be usable; for 400 tokens some of the letters in the answer will be revealed. You can completely resolve the level for 2,000 tokens.

Just one sentence is able to help you solve most of the puzzles.

Just one sentence is able to help you solve most of the puzzles.

Getting help through these methods can drain your token supply fast, but you can replenish your supply via an in-app purchase. Token packs cost anywhere between $0.99-$5.99; you can even get free tokens by sharing the app on Facebook or Twitter or writing a review.

If you aren’t looking to spend tokens (or money, for that matter), you may ask your Facebook friends or Twitter followers for help via the app itself. Either way, the multitude of ways to get help with solving a level will mean that you can never truly get stuck in this app.


When it comes down to games like Icon Pop Quiz, one of the largest issues happens to be the functionality of the application. Unfortunately, this game does have its faults when it comes to functionality.

The first issue comes with the keyboard. A lot of trivia games I have played in the past have had a sticky keyboard, and Icon Pop Quiz just so happens to have one, too. Typing in this app takes an agonizingly long time compared to typing in other apps. Plus, the keyboard layout is the same as that of the iPhone’s, which makes it really easy to fat-finger and accidentally press the wrong button.

A bigger issue comes when inputting your answer into the application. Most of the time, if you put in part of the name or if your spelling is a little bit off (for example: you can write “Tiger” instead of “Tiger Woods” or “Gorbachov” instead of “Gorbachev”), the app will award you with having it correct. However, there are instances where the app won’t allow you to leave out part of the name or spell it incorrectly (i.e. the game won’t accept “Tinkerbelle” for “Tinker Bell”). This gets quite annoying as you never know what the game is looking for, which will cause you to lose points.

The Graphics

One of the biggest focuses of Icon Pop Quiz was the graphics and artwork that dress the game so beautifully. The artwork in this application are essential to the atmosphere of this game and is what sets it apart from similar games in the App Store.

Each of these stunning icons was made originally by the developers.

Each of these stunning icons was made originally by the developers.

Each and every icon is freshly made, and boy are they beautiful. The icons are very simply designed, but they still have a great deal of detail put into them. You can tell that the designers of the application did take their times in making these, and their work definitely paid off in the end as the result was a wonderfully designed application.

Color is used extremely well in this application, too. There are tons of bright colors that bring life into this application, but it doesn’t look at all gaudy, which is what often happens to bright colors in iOS applications. Perhaps the simple design of the app allowed the developers to use colors so well; regardless, it looks great.

The Verdict

Icon Pop Quiz is truly a great trivia game for the iPad. Gameplay is addicting and challenging, and it is a pleasure to play both by yourself or with your friends. The game also comes packed with tons of puzzles, providing for hours of fun. Granted pop culture is endless, the content coming to this app will never cease, too. Last, the artwork in this app is truly stellar and unmatched by really any other trivia app at the moment.

Still, this app isn’t perfect. The sticky keyboard can make playing the game a bit annoying. Also, the randomness of acceptable answers grows a bit confusing and all around annoying for those playing the game.

However, the app is free from the App Store. A $1.99 in-app purchase will unlock the ad-free version of the app as well as a 10,000 token bonus. Either version of the game is really fun, and it’s a game I’d recommend to everyone.


A pop culture trivia game with wonderful artwork