World of Goo HD: A Puzzle Game Comes Alive on the iPad

Ever since it was released in late 2008, World of Goo has been a wildly popular PC, Mac, and WiiWare game. Developed by two former EA developers, World of Goo has been praised as one of the best examples of successful indie games. This past December World of Goo finally has been ported to the iPad, bringing the full game to touch-screens for the first time.

World of Goo has been featured in the App Store and risen to the top of the best seller charts numerous times for one simple reason: it’s one of the best touch-screen games available today. It’s incredible how natural the game feels on the iPad, while the art, soundtrack, and gameplay are suburb. Keep reading to find out more about World of Goo!

World of Goo

World of Goo is a physics based puzzle game, in which you build structures out of goo balls to help the remaining goo balls escape into a pipe.

That may sound simple at first, but add in multiple types of goo that react differently to weight, wind, and more, as well as moving objects that will smash your goo or carry it away, and you’ve got a challenging puzzle on your hands. The game is built around 6 chapters, or worlds, where the challenges and types of goo can vary drastically.

World of Goo's Main Screen

To get started, select the first chapter to uncover a map of the levels it contains.

Unfinished levels will have a red arrow over them, while those that have been completed and passed the extra OCD requirements (which may include the number of balls rescued or time taken to clear the level) will have a white flag over them. Throughout the game everything, from the main screen to the menus, is animated with a Nintendo-style fluidity that’s great to see on the iPad!

Any level you’ve already cleared will be black with a goo trail connecting it to the previous levels.

Progress through the map to finish levels

On each level you’ll need to drag and drop the goo balls to build them into towers, bridges, and more. The goal is to reach the pipe so the remaining goo balls can escape. Throughout the game there are signs from the mysterious painter, who leaves cryptic clues that can help you figure out how to get your goo balls out safely.

In the bottom right corner, you’ll see the minimum number of goo balls that need to be rescued to complete the level.

Drag and drop balls to build structures to the pipe

Once you finish a level, a lever will drop down so you can continue on you quest to rescue goo balls. First, though, the goo balls you’ve collected on the level will be drained into a pipe. You’ll see your total number of balls collected, how many extras you have, and the number of moves and time the level took. You’ll see your structure behind the pipe and, as you can see in the picture below, most of the levels are far more complicated than the first one.

All of your goo, sucked down a tube

You’ll be building structures around windmills, bridges, bottomless pits, and more! From flying goo around the level with balloons to climbing up the sides of towers.

Most of the levels are easily solvable if you take the time to think them through, but if you really get stuck you can skip a level. Just tap the in-game menu button to restart, skip the level, and see what’s needed to win OCD status for the level.

Many gamers seem to only want casual games on iOS, but World of Goo is definitely more challenging than the average Angry Birds type game. Since you can skip levels, though, you shouldn’t find yourself stuck for long.

Get stuck? You can always skip levels. No Mighty Eagle required.

The Corporation

Any balls you rescue over the minimum to clear the level will be sucked down the central plumbing to the World of Goo Corporation. This is a mini game where your actual high score is determined. On the front screen, and in the bottom right of the level selector in individual chapters, you’ll see an indicator of how many free goo balls you have to use in The Corporation. Tap the logo to go straight there.

Here, you can build a tower out of your extra goo balls, all of which have been turned into the default black goo. If you’re online, you’ll see clouds showing how high other player’s towers are.

As in any level, you’ll need to make sure your tower’s strong enough to hold up as it grows. Your tower’s height is actually World of Goo’s only high score in the Game Center, which is a very interesting twist in this incredibly unique game.

Build your tower in The Corporation and compete with the other clouds

Special Touches

It’s amazing how 2D Boy have left their unique touch throughout the whole app. They even managed to make the splash screen interesting while the app is loading.

Instead of telling you what’s really going on, the game claims it’s distilling beauty, filtering moral, challenging everything, blitting powers of two, and more. While the game’s credits look like they could have been made by Pixar, with random characters running across the screen. When developers put this much attention into even the smallest details, it becomes obvious how highly they regard their work. As app reviewers, we’re always excited to see this dedication.

Seriously, how could you not love a game that's distilling beauty and challenging everything?

One of World of Goo’s best features, in my opinion, is its beautiful soundtrack. In all, the game contains just under an hour of unique music scored for the game. The tracks not only set the mood for the levels, but are good enough to listen to on their own. If you’d like, you can download the entire soundtrack and sheet music for free!


Even if you’ve already fallen in love with the World of Goo on your computer or Wii, World of Goo is still a must-try experience on your iPad. If you haven’t tried it before, then you’re in for a treat…

If you’ve ever enjoyed solving small mechanical puzzles or designing impossible structures with Legos, World of Goo might be the perfect game for you. The fluid touch-screen experience and beautifully scored soundtrack make World of Goo the gaming experience to beat on iOS.


World of Goo is an immersive physics based puzzle game where you drag goo balls to create structures that help the remaining goo balls escape the level. You can then compete with players around the world to create the tallest structure from your rescued goo balls!