Felt: Say It in a Letter

I’m terrible at sending greeting cards, but I love receiving them. This makes me a horrible person, and I feel really bad about it. It’s just that scouring those racks and racks of cards during holidays, even the smaller, made up holidays, fills me with such anxiety. Once I’ve got all of my cards, I still have to fill them all out, address them, and ship them off. Let’s hope I have enough stamps!

Felt is taking a lot of the pressure off by taking on a lot of the work of sending greeting cards for you. You just choose the card, write the message, and tell Felt where to send it. I’ll see how Felt stands up to the supermarket aisle when it comes to letting your loved ones know just how loved they are.

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Share Your Feelings

Launching Felt presents you with all of the available greeting cards in a scrollable list. It’s not necessarily the easiest way to browse, especially as all the cards at the top of the list when I was trying out Felt were for a holiday I don’t celebrate. It wasn’t immediately obvious how I could more efficiently check out the cards available, but I finally noticed the little arrow sticking out from the left side of the screen. This pulls out the menu of card themes.

Browse the different cards.

Browse the different cards.

There aren’t a ton of different types of cards. There are a few birthday and thank you cards, along with cards for whatever the next holiday happens to be. Down at the bottom of the list you’ll find some cards with textless fronts and then the catch-all miscellaneous section. These topics will cover most of your card-sending needs, and when you need a non-birthday card, there’s probably a textless one that’ll do the trick.

Once you’ve chosen one of the cards, you’ll enter your message on the inside. I knew that Felt printed handwritten messages, but I assumed you typed your message up, and it was printed up in a handwriting font. What Felt actually does is both better and worse than that. You choose from three colors of ink and two pen tips and write the message yourself, in your own handwriting. That’s awesome and makes for a really personal card, but I’m not the best at writing on the iPad, so I’d almost prefer a typing option. What Felt does is really good, don’t get me wrong, I was just looking forward to no longer having to subject my loved ones to my terrible handwriting!

Write a message on the inside of your card.

Write a message on the inside of your card.

When your message is complete, you’ll also handwrite your return address and the receiver’s address, as well. If everything looks good, you can move onto payment. It costs $3.99 to send a Felt card, but that’s only in the US. No cards for those living outside the United States, sorry guys. Enter your payment information and create a login, and you’re off to the races–and your card is off to your loved one.

Address your card, also by hand.

Address your card, also by hand.

Send a Note

The cards sure are cute. They have a neat retro feel, and Felt promises everything gets printed on fancy cardstock. Even the envelope is nifty craft paper. The Felt printing process ensures that your message actually looks like your own handwriting, but they suggest you use a stylus so it looks like real handwriting and not like a kid fingerpainting. I’m bad enough even with a stylus, so I second this, anything to get the best look for you card.

It's $3.99 for a card. Not bad, but only available in the US.

It’s $3.99 for a card. Not bad, but only available in the US.

Unfortunately, there’s not a huge selection of cards. You’re not going to have dozens of birthday cards to browse through, and even the selection of “just because” cards is small. One glaring omission from where I was sitting was the lack of sympathy cards. Those can be so hard to buy, and I often don’t live near the recipient to hand deliver a sympathy card. A larger range of all cards would be welcome, and hopefully Felt will expand their selection in the future.

Message in a Bottle

This is just such a simple process, I wish I’d found Felt sooner. If I want to send a quick note in a card, Felt is just the thing. My one reservation is that the selection is so small, it will be hard to send birthday cards to all of my family without quickly running into repeats, and that can get super awkward. For less ubiquitous occasions, like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and major holidays, I should be fine, though.

Anything that can take the pain out of swimming through those aisles of cards is welcome, and the convenience of putting greeting cards in an app will save me a lot of headaches when I see holidays bearing down on me. There are some things Felt can work on here, but all in all, it’s an app that can be a big help when you want to reach out to your friends and family.


Send cute cards to your friends and loved ones with your iPad.