Hit the Mark with My Wonderful Goals

We’ve just started a new year, and so many of us already need help getting back on track. I, for one, always set really important goals for myself with high hopes of making them stick, only to be caught off guard by my own lack of willpower and motivation.

All I need is a little help to keep me on the right path, and that’s what My Wonderful Goals offers. The forward planning and positive reinforcement inherent in My Wonderful Goals may give me the boost I need not to stray this time. But can an app really do all that?

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Set a Goal

This first thing you need to do in My Wonderful Goals is set a wonderful goal, and if you’re just getting started, even a mediocre goal will do. Tap the pencil at the bottom of the screen to create your new goal. You’ll see a collection of icons across the top with a one word description. Choose the icon that most closely relates to your goal, and this will help represent and organize your goal later. Type out whatever you’d like to get done, but remember if you get too wordy, your goal list might start to look cluttered.

It's easy to set a goal and have it repeat as often as you'd like.

It’s easy to set a goal and have it repeat as often as you’d like.

My Wonderful Goals lets you set a goal to repeat. This is really useful if you’re trying to form a good habit or break a bad one. For instance, I want to remember to floss every day, so I’ve set that as one of my goals. After being married for about a million years, my husband and I can forget, you know, to leave the house, so monthly date night is another goal. I’ve got these all on repeat so I don’t have to set them up again after they’ve passed, and I can set my goals to occur at different intervals. And if you want to set a goal to occur sometime way out in the future, tap the date at the top of the screen and change it to whatever you’d like.

Once you’ve set your goal, it will appear in the goals list for that day. You can sort your list by type of goal by tapping on the icons to the left. Select the muscle man icon, for instance, and you’ll only see your health goals. Tap forward and backward on your list of goals to browse through each day, or use the calendar in the lower left to find your goals that you’ve planned for further out. Tap the red Today button to jump back to the present.

Check it Off

Once you’ve completed a goal, go ahead and tap its icon in the list to check it off. If you have Eagle Eye turned on, it will disappear from the list altogether, but otherwise it will sit in your list with a happy checkmark, leaving you feeling accomplished. After a predetermined percentage of goals are completed for the day, you’ll get a gold star. I’m not even joking — it’s the best.

After completing my goals, I have a gold star on the calendar for that day.

After completing my goals, I have a gold star on the calendar for that day.

You might find you have occasion to edit or postpone a goal. It happens to the best of us. In that case, tap the goal’s description and you’ll get a popout toolbar. The goals toolbar will be different depending on the type of goal, for instance whether it’s a repeating goal or a one-off. If it’s a one-time only goal, you can send it to the next day’s goal list, and the new goal on the following day will get a special badge to let you know you’ve already put it off a day.

The edit tools will change depending on whether it's an active, completed, or repeating goal.

The edit tools will change depending on whether it’s an active, completed, or repeating goal.

My Wonderful Goals also lets you stop repeating goals right in the goals list, so that the current day will also be the last day for that goal. Say you’re using My Wonderful Goals to help you remember to work on your crocheted afghan every night, because you’re me and have the soul of an old lady. When you (me) get to the end of your (my) afghan, you can just turn the goal off, easy as pie.

Make it Your Own

There are some pretty great settings in My Wonderful Goals, including some preferences I wouldn’t have expected. For instance, you can change the order in which the categories are displayed. Your goals are listed by category, so if you want the learning categories to come before health, you can change that in the preferences. This will also flip the script on what your default category is, so if you weren’t looking forward to always having to deselect the muscle man icon of health, you won’t have to anymore.

There are some settings here I hadn't expected to find.

There are some settings here I hadn’t expected to find.

Eagle Eye will stick an eyeball icon on your goals list, and when activated, it hides all of your completed goals. My Wonderful Goals can also set up a passcode lock for you, if your goals need to go into deep hiding. I can understand that; it can feel a bit silly when you first start trying to better yourself, even if you do try to fully own your own self-improvement. The passcode will keep prying eyes out until you’re ready to reveal the new you.

Final Thoughts

I’ve been using an iPhone app to track my goals since the beginning of January, checking them off as I went, but there’s no iPad companion app. My Wonderful Goals really fills that hole for me. And it does so in a really warm, friendly way. Not only that, but there are lots of ways to customize how I use My Wonderful Goals, including reordering my goals list.

My Wonderful Goals can be likened to a to-do app, but there is enough here to set it apart in its own category. The gold star of success after completing a day’s tasks would be enough, but slotting goals into self-improvement categories and easily scheduling your daily and repeating goals far into the future push My Wonderful Goals over the edge away from a simple to do and make it something really useful for changing habits and reaching your goals.


Set goals for tomorrow or six months from now, and get positive reinforcement when you hit the target. Easily revise and organize your goals, too.