Our Choice: Changing Books Forever

Many of you will have heard of the notorious Al Gore and his attempts to change the world for the better, and some of you will have seen ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ – one of his presentations/films educating us on how we are destroying our planet. Well ‘Our Choice’ is the sequel – sort of.

In Our Choice, Al Gore presents the causes of global warming along with many groundbreaking insights and solutions, while skilfully removing the boredom of being told for umpteenth time that humans are evil.

The app (well it’s really an interactive ebook) was wonderfully designed and developed by Push Pop Press, with a superb use of multitouch making it feel like it has been built by Apple – in fact the 2 people behind PPP are ex-Apple developers. This book is a joy to read, and even if you’re not an eco-friendly citizen, it appeals to the inner child inside everyone due to its great finish.

Getting Started

After listening to the short introduction and tutorial from the man himself (Al Gore, not God!) you are presented with the Introduction.

Introduction to Our Choice

Navigation is a breeze with this app; the large background picture shows you what chapter you are in, while along the bottom is a preview of the content within that chapter. Swiping on the background image changes chapters, and tapping/pinch-to-zooming (for lack of a better explanation) on the bottom brings up the content.

From there we have the familiar swiping to progress, and pinching at any time will bring you back to your background image.


Content is something you’re not going to be lacking when reading this ebook. With two years in the making there is an abundance of information that makes the experience truly sensational. With over 270 photos, more than an hour of video footage, maps, audio and infographics it is an an immersive journey that proves to be very insightful.

Examples of the vast amount of content within the app.

The hand icon indicates that an item is interactive -simply tap it to get involved!

I have already said it’s highly informative, and I’ll happily say it again. It is so easy to learn about different ways that we can all make a change; even using a lighter coloured roof to reflect the heat can make such a difference.


As I’ve already explained this app feels like it’s been developed by Apple. Every single motion is so smooth and fluid. The navigation was made so simple by the use of gestures, and they work so well.

Every embedded image or video can be zoomed in and out, and it works just the like the iPad photos app – you can spin the photo around and play around with it while zooming in. What’s more is that the same works for video; you can press play and zoom in or out while the content continues playing, I have to say that this is a step UP from Apple.

The highly interactive UI, much like the iPad photos app.

What has made this application the first truly interactive iPad ebook is the use of infographics, 15 of them. They bring static information to life in such a wonderful way, that has clearly been thought through in tremendous detail.

The way the information is shown is so intuitive that no explanation is required – although they threw one in there anyway. You will be hard pressed to find any glitches or elements of this app that don’t work perfectly smoothly!

An infographic showing Albedo (layers) of land, city, air and sea


This is an ebook, so plain and simple was required for this; yet it has done so in a very unique perspective. Gone is the normal book design found in readers such as iBooks and Kindle, instead you find a continuous stream of information that just keeps on coming, until the next chapter is reached; then the information starts flowing again.

The elegant interface at its best.

The app is a beauty to look at and read, with the images, videos etc adding subtly so as not to distract from the text. Overall, it creates a stunning reading experience – you’ll struggle to put it down!


You may have noticed that I have given Our Choice nothing but praise, and this is not because I am an eco-warrior who eats bark in the morning, it is because the whole package deserves it.

The content is so vast and fascinating, the design is marvellous and the coding is down-right superb – creating an altogether glorious application that, for the small price of $5, gives you several hours of enjoyment.


Our Choice explains the devastating effects that humans have had on the world, and through the use of stunning design and wonderful development, has made the education process truly enjoyable.