Packing Pro Takes the Stress Out of Traveling

I hate packing, don’t you? I usually end up putting it off until literally an hour or two before I’m due to leave, run around the house frantically dumping items into a suitcase, and spend the first part of my trip worrying that I have forgotten something.

This year, I am determined to be more organized, and have enlisted the help of Packing Pro to ensure that I do not forget my passport, toothbrush, or anything else for that matter. Hit the jump to read more.

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First Impression

Packing Pro doesn’t make the best first impression. Upon launching the app, you are greeted with a dull-looking interface displaying mundane information about Packing Pro, and a user manual.

Packing Pro's rather dull-looking launch screen.

Packing Pro’s rather dull-looking launch screen.

In the top left-hand corner there is a ‘Demo Trip’ list, which is basically a pre-written packing list for you to use as a template, or you can create a new list if you wish by tapping the + button next to My Lists.

Creating a Packing List

Creating a list from scratch is a simple process, made even easier by the fact that you can choose from the hundreds of items already listed within the app. Each item is split up into categories ranging from Essentials and Accessories to Babies, Kids, and Pets, and a whole category of items can be added to your list simply by tapping on the category name.

Each item is split up into categories.

Each item is split up into categories.

Every packing list that you create encourages you to input your destination and departure date so that the list can be saved for future use. Lists can be shared between devices, or via Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail, which is handy if you’re traveling with a group of people as you can trade packing tips and make sure that they don’t forget important items.

Attention to Detail

Packing Pro is a totally different experience to writing a list down on paper. For starters, each item on your list can be modified to include its type, weight, value, the person it belongs to, and even which suitcase it is due to be packed in — imagine jotting all that down on a piece of A4!

Each item can be modified to include additional information.

Each item can be modified to include additional information.

Including the weight of each item comes in especially useful when traveling by airplane as there is usually a weight restriction in place for each bag. Now, instead of working myself up into a frenzy in case my suitcase is over its 20-kilogram limit, I can just sit there, smug in the knowledge that I am not going to get charged a stupid amount of money for packing everything but the kitchen sink.

Expert List Assistant

For the lazy people amongst us (um, that would be me, then), Packing Pro includes an Expert List Assistant which will automatically create a list based on the number of adults and children going, the temperature, number of days you’ll be away for, destination, food preparation, and even how you are planning on washing your clothes.

Expert List Assistant will automatically create a list for you.

Expert List Assistant will automatically create a list for you.

Needless to say, this feature is brilliant and takes all the stress out of packing. Clothing wise, an Expert List compiles a list of the exact amount of outfits you will need for that trip, including the garment type, quantity, and accessories to match. This is something that I always struggle with when traveling as I always end up taking too much and the wrong type of clothing.

Getting Around

Packing Pro is relatively easy to navigate, although there are one or two issues that would benefit from a slight re-design. One is when adding a new category to your list, not tapping that category in the correct area will result in every single item from that category being added to your packing list which is frustrating, to say the least!

Another is when adding an item to your list via the category screen, it is not immediately obvious that you must tap that item to highlight before exiting otherwise it will not be added. It would be preferable if each item was highlighted automatically when assigned to a category as this would save time selecting each individual item afterwards.


Packing Pro is no oil painting, that’s for sure. It’s bland and uninspiring, and the lowercase text used for each pre-written item name makes me twitchy. Sure, you can switch themes and customize the layout and font but the app is still pretty darn ugly. Here, take a look for yourself:

Packing Pro is no oil painting.

Packing Pro is no oil painting.


Packing Pro would definitely benefit from a complete overhaul, starting with those horrendous color schemes.


Looks aside, Packing Pro is, in a word, awesome. My partner and I are road trippin’ our way across France and Spain in September and, because of Packing Pro, I already have a detailed list of what to pack, conveniently split up into categories.

One feature that I found especially useful is the extensive list of pre-written items. Packing, for me, often results in me suffering from some kind of amnesia and forgetting items such as bug spray and sunscreen, and even more obvious things like my passport and debit card.

I would highly recommend Packing Pro to anyone who travels often or has a hard time remembering what to take with them. It is incredibly useful, intuitive, and well worth $2.99.


An easy-to-use, powerful packing app.