Pose: Your Personalized Fashion Mag

A month or so ago, Pose launched its native app made specifically for the iPad. Pose has iPhone and Android native apps as well; the iPhone app was already reviewed at iPhone.AppStorm.

Pose is a photo sharing app for outfits. Users take a snapshot of their outfit and tag it with brand and designer details. You can also discover other people poses and even shop from within the app. Pose has a considerable users’ adoption; more than 10 thousands poses are being added to the platform everyday.

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Getting Started

Creating an account and downloading the Pose app is free, and you can do so directly within the app. Pose offers two signup options: Facebook connect, and the classic email process. Personally, I opted for the Facebook connect option. The app will automatically get your username and profile photo from your Facebook account. This will make signing in much easier, as you just need to click the Facebook button instead of entering your details. However, if privacy is one of your concerns, you can opt for the classic email signup.

You can sign up for Pose using your Facebook account.

You can sign up for Pose using your Facebook account.

While the signup process is limited to Facebook connect, you can still connect Pose to your Twitter and Tumblr accounts to ease the sharing process from the app settings menu.
Once you have signed in, a short tour introduces you to the main features: The stream, Collections and Brand discovery. We’ll go through each one of them in this review.

Stream and Collections

The stream is a grid display of the shared photos. You browse through the stream by sliding to the right. The left side has the newest items. Pulling the left side and releasing it will update the stream with the latest photos. The images’ size in the grid is not equal. Apparently, the items with most importance are given a bigger size to better highlight them.

Some of the outfits found in the app.

Some of the outfits found in the app.

Clicking on an image will scale it up and load a slider. The slider is another way of visualizing the shared photos. It allows you to see the items tags and brands. Within the slider you can save, like and share the image. You can also see other people’s comments and add your own.

Now here's an outfit for you.

Now here’s an outfit for you.

Multiple Streams

There are actually five streams: Stream, Activity, Shop, Featured and Popular. The display and functionality of the five streams is the same, however, the content is different. While Pose states that the popular stream is composed of poses that have received the highest number of loves in the past 72 hours, it’s not clear how other streams aggregate their data.

The main stream seems to display a mix of the different streams and the people you follow. The activity stream is probably filtering items by comments, likes and sharing activity. The shop stream is dedicated to items that has shop-able items (more on that later), and the featured stream is for items featured by the creators of the app.


You can save and organize your favorite poses into collections. First, you’ll need to create a collection, give it a name and optionally a short description. In the bottom-right corner of the screen, you’ll find the Collections button. You can either click it or pull it left to display the collections panel.

Finding an option you like.

Finding an option you like.

After creating your collection, adding poses is simple. First, select the pose by holding your finger for a couple of seconds over the pose thumbnail. Then, drag and drop the selection to the collection of your choice.


You can shop tagged items in a pose. Not all items (or tagged items) are shop-able. Shop-able items have a blue marker, and when the tag is selected, there is a shop button that you can click. While you don’t leave the Pose app when shopping, it’s not Pose that handles the payment and delivery. Pose will open an embedded Safari window and redirect to an e-commerce site where you can make your order.

Details on an outfit.

Details on an outfit.

Pose makes a commission when you purchase an item. TechCrunch mentions that Pose has a profit sharing program with the Fashion bloggers. There is no mention, however, of such a program in the Pose site or application.

Your profile

You can access your profile page by clicking on your gravatar on the main Pose menu. From your profile page, you can see poses you have posted, your collections, poses you have liked, people you are following and people following you.

You can access any user profile and get the same profile page display (with the profile poses, collections, likes, following and followers). The privacy settings in Pose are quite limited. Actually, you can only limit comments on your poses to people you follow. Anyone can follow you and have a full access to your poses, likes and collections.

Your likes all in one place.

Your likes all in one place.

You have no control over people seeing your poses, collections or following which is not good for people concerned with their privacy or people who want to limit their Pose social network to people they know in real life.


Pose is a highly polished iPad app. It is very smooth, fast and was bug free during all my usage. The interface is both sleek, intuitive and has a soft learning curve. Privacy, however, was less thought of by the Pose team. Overall, the app is great medium to share and discover clothes and outfits with other users.


Share and discover style trends and inspiration with other users.