Make Meetings More Memorable with GoToMeeting

Web conferences and online meetings can be fraught with difficulties whether it’s connection problems, hardware issues or screen sharing issues, especially on mobile devices. GoToMeeting aims to make teleconferencing much smoother, easier and more reliable on your iPad.

GoToMeeting is a professional business solution that enables you to host or join meetings for free and even transfer a meeting to your Mac using Apple’s Continuity feature. Presenters can share both their screen and documents, including slide presentations, design mockups, spreadsheets, reports, etc. The good thing is that you don’t have to be a GoToMeeting subscriber to join a meeting either. Anyone can join a meeting with the free version of GoToMeeting or via the web, although if you want to host one, you must have a GoToMeeting subscription (which you can try free for 30 days).

Join meetings for free

Joining a meeting is very straightforward. GoToMeeting has a convenient meeting schedule to show you when you have meetings that simply require a single tap to join. The meeting schedule also allows you to schedule future meetings or launch a spontaneous meeting. If you’re a host you simply need to log into GoToMeeting and tap “Meet Now” to start an instant meeting or tap a scheduled meeting on your calendar.

You can invite users from your iPad to join via iPad, iPhone or web. Once the user receives an invite, they simply tap the invitation link in their email and the meeting will launch via the web or the app if they have it installed. Then just enter the meeting ID number and you’ll be automatically logged into the meeting. If the user you want to invite has GoToMeeting installed on their iPhone for example, they can join meetings with one tap on the My Meetings calendar schedule…

To join a meeting that's starting or in progress, simply tap on the meeting schedule or to start an instant meeting, tap Meet Now at the bottom.

To join a meeting that’s starting or in progress, simply tap on the meeting schedule or to start an instant meeting, tap “Meet Now” at the bottom.

Or, if you’re really in a hurry, just tell participants to go to and they can enter the Meeting ID code to instantly join a meeting.

You can also join a meeting via the web with GoToMeeting.

You can also join a meeting via the web with GoToMeeting.

As host, you’re able to transfer presenter controls to anyone in the meeting if they want to share something.

HD quality video conferencing

The iPad version of GoToMeeting is slightly more advanced than the iPhone version and allows you to access and present data stored on cloud services such as DropBox and Google Drive. Most significantly, video conferencing only works on iPads too and you simply tap the webcam icon when you join or start a meeting and then tap the ‘Share My Webcam’ button so that others can see you. GoToMeeting for iPad supports HD video conferencing but the quality of this obviously depends on your internet connection.

The iPad version of GoToMeeting supports HD screen sharing.

The iPad version of GoToMeeting supports HD video conferencing and screen sharing.

Some users report problems with low or poor audio quality using GoToMeeting, and if you find that you’re unable to hear participants very well, it’s recommendable to plug headphones into your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Screen sharing can be a bit like fumbling in the dark sometimes as its hard to know whether all participants can actually see your desktop clearly without having to ask them all individually.

GoToMeeting allows you to conduct meetings over both WiFi and 3G/4G networks, although video conferencing uses a lot of data so it’s advisable to do it over WiFi to avoid expensive network carrier charges. You can share ShareFile or Dropbox cloud documents within GoToMeeting on iPad and it even allows you to conduct brainstorming sessions using a virtual whiteboard.

There’s no doubt that GoToMeeting is a better application to use on iPad than iPhone if you want to share information due to the larger screen estate, integration with cloud services, and support for HD video conferencing.


The quality of calls can vary on GoToMeeting but it’s often hard to know whether its the app or the internet connection that’s the problem. There are other free solutions out there such as Skype and Google Hangouts that provide much of what GoToMeeting does. But for business users, GoToMeeting gives a more professional impression to potential clients and customers than using a free solution and in theory, should be more secure too.

GoToMeeting is ideal for those teams that aren’t located in the same region or country, for managers on the move and for keeping in touch with those that work remotely. It’s easy enough to use for colleagues and employees of all technical abilities without having the need for an IT department behind you.

If you’re looking for alternatives to GoToMeeting for iPad, it’s worth checking out some of the cloud-based videoconferencing apps that are out there. Applications such as ClickMeeting, InterCall, and OnStream, are all useful for communicating and presenting over the internet. I’d love to know which videoconferencing apps for iPad you’re using. Please do comment below and let the community know which you prefer.


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