Does Camera+ Make the iPad a Photographer’s Best Friend?

Camera+ is far from a newcomer to the App Store with its smaller brother being a favourite of photographers for a long time now on the iPhone. So when I heard that the developers had released an iPad version, I knew I had to get my hands on it as fast as I could!

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Although it’s questionable how good an iPad is for actually taking pictures, many would agree that it’s the perfect medium for editing and touching up your photos on thanks to it’s generously sized display and touch screen.


As the name suggests, Camera+ is essentially a camera app at heart. When you first launch the app you just need to tap the camera icon on the top right and the viewfinder will open up on your iPad (which is very similar to the stock Camera app). From this view, you can change a host of settings in relation to how your pictures are taken. For example, you could turn on ‘burst’ mode which means that the longer you press on the ‘Camera’ button the more pictures are taken. I found that this mode was superb for taking pictures of things that could easily be missed, whether it be action at a sports game or somebody blowing out candles on their cake.

Capturing a picture of iPad.AppStorm

Of course there are other modes as well, such as stability mode, which is perfect for those action packed moments where the photographer is involved and the camera needs to remain steady, and there’s also the standard mode, which is identical to the default behaviour of the stock Camera app.


By now, its hard to hear the word ‘filter’ without instantly thinking of the massively popular Instagram, and rightfully so — most of Instagram’s filters are world class — but Camera+ could easily rival it for the title! The app has an amazing amount of effects, ranging from the beautiful HDR one to the common, but nonetheless stunning, ‘Sepia’ one.

Once you’ve taken your picture, you can edit almost instantly afterwards. All of the available filters are shown to you over a live preview of the picture you’ve just taken, ensuring that you can see the filter you want to use at a glance.

The vast collection of filters.

If you thought that Instagram had a lot of filters, you are going to be incredibly impressed by Camera+. I counted 36 at the time of writing, but it wouldn’t surprise me if a few more were added soon!


As I said above, Camera+ has a loyal user base on the iPhone (myself included), and so when I heard that all pictures stored in Camera+‘s lightbox (basically the apps version of the Camera Roll) were going to be synchronised over iCloud, I was thoroughly excited to say the least.

Taken on my iPhone — instantly synced to my iPad

After trying it out for a few days, I was wondering how I lived without it. Certain pictures I take require a lot of editing and so being able to take a picture on the iPhone’s amazing camera and being able to edit it on the iPad’s amazing display really is a godsend.

So far the syncing seems reliable, and I’ve had absolutely no photos go astray so far. Pictures also appear to sync nearly instantly, which is great for making quick edits of iPhone pictures on the iPad.

Photo Editing

Apart from said features, Camera+ also contains lots of other ways of editing your photos. You can add frames and crop it (amongst much more) — all within a few taps.

Camera+ has an interesting approach to frames, offering much more than the standard 4×4 ones that most editing apps offer. There are frames available in a myriad of shapes, ranging from free-form ones to ones that can turn a portrait picture into a landscape.

Applying a standard frame to my picture

Camera+ also has several functions built in that aim to enhance your photos. These functions range from the ability of banishing red eyes to correcting the lighting within the pictures. From my testing, these work great and I really enjoyed banishing blemishes from some of my images.

There are also some editing features that will appeal to more experienced photographers within the app. These features include settings such as white balance correction and changing the brightness of the feature. But people who aren’t familiar with photography (such as myself) need not fret about this because thankfully Camera+ makes it easy to try out these corrections without having to know any photography jargon.

Adjusting the white balance.

Borders also feature prominently within the app. You can choose from well over 15 frames — and you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. I’d be lying if I said that I hadn’t fallen in love with the ‘Viewfinder’ frame and I’d also be fibbing if I claimed that I hadn’t applied to a large percentage of photos in my library!

But one of the most (understandably) lauded features of Camera+ is without a doubt is its ‘Scenes’ options. Scenes are basically different presets that try and improve the picture depending on which one of them you pick. For example, if you were to take a picture of your friend, you might apply the portrait scene. This scene would then try and remove noise and enrich the skin tone of the people within the picture.  There are also scenes available for events such as concerts and even a text one, which could turn out handy if you ever needed to use your iPad as an impromptu scanner.

As you can see, the ‘Text’ scene greatly enhances the readability of documents.


Although the iPad may not be the ideal candidate for taking pictures, for editing them it truly does excel — and thanks to Camera+’s editing it has been made a lot easier. Whether you intend to take pictures on your iPad or are going to take them on your iPhone and take advantage of the iCloud sync, Camera+ really is an essential tool for any iPad wielding photographer!;


The ultimate Camera app for iPhone and iPad, blending a massive amount of filters with great editing features.