Over: Text Up Your Images

Meddling with photographs is fast becoming a favourite pastime. Photos are supposed to say something subtle and profound to a viewer. These days people ensure that they convey the message literally by doing all kinds of stuff on the images they have shot.

Image manipulation apps are available in all types and sizes with Instagram leading the pack. Recently, I discovered Over and was surprised by the niche they have chosen to focus — the app offers a ton of ways to add text to your photographs. It’s a far cry from the apps that let you add filters or doodle on images. Want to know how? Do read on!

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A Combo of Cool and Elegance

The minimalistic user interface of Over is bound to impress you right off the bat. Apps in the image manipulation niche have the reputation of messing up the interface with too many frills. Thankfully, Over has taken the minimalist route that will make every iPad owner proud.

Accessing Phots and Albums

Accessing Phots and Albums

All images from the albums occupy the left column and a quick scroll gives access to the ones that aren’t visible. To the right is the canvas where the magic happens. There is a dial to help customise things real quick, but I’ll come to that in a moment.

Texting It Up

Tap once on an image to populate the canvas and tap twice on the canvas to start adding text. Well, that’s fabulously painless isn’t it? I have tried doing the same with the GIMP, Photoshop and couple of other tools on the desktop. The experience was frustrating every single time.

Text Edit Screen with a band of color choices

Text Edit Screen with a band of color choices

When you double tap, you won’t see the image on the canvas. There is just a cursor for you to type what you have in mind. You won’t find a set of fonts to choose from here either. All this is done to keep the user experience fun and less confusing.

Use the band of colours to spice up the text and choose done when you are happy with the result. Now, that isn’t all you can do. The text will be somewhere in the random part of the canvas. Use your fingers to move the text around and position it where you please. Now, let’s see how the dial can help us be far more creative!

The Dial

The real power of Over is in the dial. Simply put, it’s the equivalent of a menu bar. All manipulation options can be accessed by moving the dial around. First up, I tried to change the font of the golden words I wrote on my image.

Font Choices

Font Choices

It’s hard not be impressed by this app. If you aren’t impressed yet, I bet it won’t be hard to appreciate the awesomeness of this app by seeing the huge selection of fonts it offers. If the ones that come with the app aren’t enough for you, buy some more using the in-app purchase mechanism.

Adding Layers

To add more text blocks to the same image, pick Layers in the dial. All the text you have added so far will be displayed to the left of the screen. Pick the right one from the list to start editing it. After selecting, the text can be updated with new fonts and moved around in the canvas. Alternatively, you could go with a new text block altogether. Whatever you do, ensure that you save the work at regular intervals just to be safe.

Image Editing Toolkit

Image Editing Toolkit

The edit option in the dial brings up a tiny little tool kit to add some more jazz to your work of art. Quickly change fonts, manage text formatting, trim the image a bit and add opacity from this screen.

Right now, you’ll have to tap the sign to the right to bring up the menu. It would be great if it’s replaced by a simple gesture.

Social Sharing Options

Social Sharing Options

To showcase your creation to your circle, Over offers sharing across popular social networks including Instagram. Like if that wasn’t enough, there is an integration with a third party service to print and mail them as postcards as well!

One click access to open the image in compatible apps on the iPad is simply amazing. Saving them straight to cloud apps like Box, Dropbox and Google Drive is an icing on the top!

Final Thoughts

Over is a brilliant app. It’s a clear example of how a simple idea can be brought to life with brilliant execution. I have been using the app for a couple of weeks now and I’m yet to come up with a downside!

For $1.99, what you get is a bargain. If you are someone who tried adding textual content to images, then I am sure you’ll understand what I’m referring to. If not, try doing it on a desktop image editor couple of times and you’ll soon be visiting the App Store to pick up Over!


Over helps you to ddd beautiful typography to your photos.