HD: A Feature-Packed, Cross Platform Task Manager

Let’s face it, you could waste a lot of time looking for the best task manager out there. They all promise that with a quick download or by signing up you’ll become much more productive. However, with so many on the market now it can take hours to sort through them all.

While this review isn’t going to give you a comparison of them all, I do want to highlight the latest task manager I’ve tested out. If you’re looking for a powerful, personal task manager that’s cross platform then might be just the thing for you. Read on to see all that it offers.

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Getting Things Done Everywhere

As I mentioned, is cross-platform. In fact, it’s available on the web and for the iPhone, the iPad and Android devices. All for my favorite price: free. However, if you don’t mind paying for things you can sign up for the Pro account ($2 per month or $20 per year) and get a desktop version for Mac or Windows. Pro also includes some other features that I’ll cover later on. To get started you can sign in with either a Google account or you create a brand-new account.

Three Pane Design has a simple three pane design that folds out or hides different panes as needed.

If you’ve ever used a task manager app before then you’ll have no problem learning the basic features of within minutes. Task categories are along the left side and the center pane lists all scheduled tasks. The right pane folds out when a new task is created, giving you the ability to set all the appropriate options. There are quite a few available — you can set the date, context, tags, reminders, add it to a project, input any notes, email it to someone, or delete the task.

Tasks can be filed under one of many different categories such as today, next, tomorrow, scheduled, someday, or in a particular project or context. Breaking tasks down by when they’re due allows you to clear away the clutter and stay focused on what’s most important right now.

Tasks disappear when you check them off, then you can see them in the completed section. You can choose to archive completed tasks if you’d like. If they were completed 30 days ago or there are more than 100 they will be archived automatically.

Advanced Features

While doesn’t have any features that I would consider groundbreaking, it does have many that other free apps don’t include. Not only can you schedule repeating tasks, but there are many choices available for how often you want it to reoccur and you are also able to determine if you want the task to stop repeating on a certain date as well.

Choices for Repeating Tasks offers more options for repeating tasks than any other to-do manager I have come across.

Sub tasks are available by upgrading to the Pro version, but with the projects option in the free version you can easily create sub tasks as well. Along with the repeating and sub tasks, the contexts section is handy for separating work and personal tasks. This is one of the options that I’ve found lacking in many other free to-do managers. Without the ability to clearly separate these areas I find it hard to focus when looking over my list.

Using projects for sub tasks

You can combine tasks into one overarching project.

You can use the start time option when setting up a task in order to see it earlier than the deadline. Some people will probably never see a use for this feature, but I can see it being helpful for others.

A Few Problems

When I first opened there were a number of pre-made tasks listed as a tutorial to show different features. When I couldn’t understand what some of the tasks meant, I finally realized that not all of them applied to the mobile version. For instance, one tutorial task was to update my timezone in the preferences section but it didn’t specify that this must be done on the website, not in the app. I think video tutorials to walk you through everything would make more sense instead of having a list of tasks.

Tasks are listed as a tutorial

When you first open there are a number of pre-made tasks to serve as a tutorial, but some things have to be done on the web version.

Whilst having all the different categories for separating out your tasks is helpful, there is unfortunately no way to easily search through all your tasks across every category. This can be especially frustrating once you’ve inputted a lot of to-dos if you don’t remember where you saved the one you’re looking for.

Limitations to the Free Version

I mentioned earlier that some features are only available in the Pro version of Along with the desktop version and sub tasks, the Pro version gives you the ability to add tasks via email, a feature for putting together reviews and reports, and the option to add many projects under the heading of one goal.

Pro also enables automatic, unlimited syncing. The free account only allows syncing upon login and manual syncing once every 24 hours. You’ll need to decide if these aspects are important enough for you to upgrade to the pro version, but at least if you do the pricing is currently very reasonable.

Is It Right For You?

To sum it up, is a pretty powerful app for getting things done even if you just use the free version and decide not to upgrade to a pro account. On the other hand, it has so many features that it may be too much for those who prefer a stripped down, simple interface and don’t need all the bells and whistles.

If you’re looking for a to do app that’s packed with features and available across many platforms, then is probably a good choice. If you’re more interested in simple and intuitive, then you might want to consider an option like Clear.


If you’re looking for a to do app that’s packed with features and available across many platforms, then is probably a good choice.